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Little Orphan Sammy (1977) HD online

Little Orphan Sammy (1977) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adult / Comedy
Original Title: Little Orphan Sammy
Director: Don Walters
Writers: Ron Wertheim
Released: 1977
Duration: 1h 21min
Video type: Movie
American hero Little Orphan Sammy battles the forces of the evil Hata Mari to stop a valuable formula from falling into enemy hands.
Complete credited cast:
Jennifer Welles Jennifer Welles - Hata Mari
Neil Flanagan Neil Flanagan - Daddy Sawbucks (as Lin Flanagan)
Rocky Millstone Rocky Millstone - Sammy
Andrea True Andrea True - The Bellydancer
Jamie Gillis Jamie Gillis - Dah the Chauffeur
Kim Pope Kim Pope - Miss Take
Nikki Hilton Nikki Hilton - Orphanage Nurse
Lynn Bishop Lynn Bishop - Poonjah (as Lin Bishop)
Jennifer Jordan Jennifer Jordan - Marion
Helen Madigan Helen Madigan - Orphanage Doctor (as Jennifer Mason)
C.J. Laing C.J. Laing - Miss Maid
Roger Caine Roger Caine - Telephone Lineman (as Mike Jefferson)
Marc Greene Marc Greene - Agent with Microfilm

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    Opening on an erotic belly dance, Hata Mari (Jennifer Welles, who won a best actress award for this which I NEVER understood why) kills an American spy with her long fingernail (hm... I wonder if the writers' of HBO's "Oz" saw this). She later adopts Sammy (Rocky Millstone, who proves why he never got a major acting part since, or before this. His timing and delivery is atrocious, EVEN by porn standards) to act as bait for Daddy Sawbucks, in this ultra-lame, VERY dated parody of "Little Orphan Annie" The awful theme song sounds like something the Patridge Family would by singing. If you have to watch a porno with Little Orphan in the title, go with "Little Ophan Dusty" or the movies of Little Oral Annie and steer clear of this one.

    My Grade: F