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Broadcasting Christmas (2016) HD online

Broadcasting Christmas (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance
Original Title: Broadcasting Christmas
Director: Peter Sullivan
Writers: Michael Varrati,Topher Payne
Released: 2016
Duration: 1h 24min
Video type: Movie
When her on-air partner decides to depart America's favorite morning show, "Rise and Shine's" Veronika Daniels announces that she will be choosing her new co-host from a handful of candidates that includes Charlie Fisher, a local NY newscaster who is the son of a broadcasting legend. However, when Emily Morgan, a human interest reporter for the local Connecticut station, makes an impassioned on-air plea to be considered for the job, the game changes for everyone as video of Emily's declaration goes viral and the network brass decide to put her in the running. Veronika delights in the healthy competition she sees brewing, and encourages the candidates to bring their A game in the segments and stories they do between now and the Christmas Day Telethon, when she will announce her choice. As the competition narrows, and it becomes clear that either Charlie or Emily are going to get the job, they begin to rediscover a spark between them that started long ago.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Melissa Joan Hart Melissa Joan Hart - Emily Morgan
Dean Cain Dean Cain - Charlie Fisher
Cynthia Gibb Cynthia Gibb - Patrice Montgomery
Jackée Harry Jackée Harry - Veronika Daniels
Richard Kline Richard Kline - Stanley Morgan
Sophie von Haselberg Sophie von Haselberg - Gina Serrato
Kathryn Leigh Scott Kathryn Leigh Scott - Ruth Morgan
Joanna Howard Joanna Howard - Kate McQueen
Susan Shalhoub Larkin Susan Shalhoub Larkin - Shirley Henderson
Ash Santos Ash Santos - Daisy (as Ashley Santos)
Krista Braun Krista Braun - Abby
Todd Litzinger Todd Litzinger - Jimmy Eubanks
Stephanie Fantauzzi Stephanie Fantauzzi - Allison Davenport
Joyce Cohen Joyce Cohen - Sylvia Fisher
Daren Kelly Daren Kelly - Fred Fisher

Dean Cain's character compares a situation to being a superhero going into exile and getting new powers. Cain is most famous for playing Clark Kent/Superman in Лоис и Кларк: Новые приключения Супермена (1993).

Aired as the seventh of nineteen original films in The Hallmark Channel's 2016 "Countdown to Christmas" lineup.

Reviews: [5]

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    "Broadcasting Christmas" tells the story of small town reporter Emily (Melissa Joan Hart), who's been stuck in the same small Connecticut town for years, covering simple local stories, while her ex- boyfriend Charlie (Dean Cain) has moved on to bigger and better things in Manhattan. When the co-host of a big morning show suddenly quits, Emily tries to apply for the job, but her longtime friend, producer Patrice (Cynthia Gibb) says they're only considering "names." This sends Emily into a jealous tirade, live on air, in which she begs for a shot. The clip goes viral and now the network has no choice but to offer her a chance to compete for the position along with some other, more-qualified contenders, including... you guessed it... her ex-boyfriend Charlie. As the Christmas Day telethon approaches, where the winner is going to be announced, the competition grows more and more fierce... all while our lead couple start to rekindle their feelings for one another. Who will get the job? Who will get the guy?

    What makes this movie stand out is that it's not a traditional small town Christmas story. It's set in the big city and it takes place in the cutthroat world of broadcasting journalism. The movie moves at a faster-than-expected pace, features a healthy dose of witty, snappy dialogue, and has two terrific performances by the leads. Melissa comes across as a scrappy fighter and you love her for it, while Dean is the more sympathetic one who discovers a unpleasant secret about his own success. They have a fun chemistry that straddles the line between straight romance and workplace rivalry... again, making it feel different.

    "Broadcasting Christmas" is one of the better Hallmark movies in recent memory and definitely worth a close look this holiday season.
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    The plot was actually quite different from most Hallmark movies. I also thought the casting was good. It was nice seeing Melissa Joan Hart in a movie again, and Dean Cain is always one of my favorites actors.

    Overall, a decent Christmas movie. I recommend it for anyone who is a fan of romantic comedy movies!
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    I had been avoiding this movie the last two Christmases because Christmas movies with Dean Cain tend not to be Excellent. This one has Melissa Joan Hart and that made the difference. She was great in God's not Dead 2. The movie was very effective in catching some great television moments as our characters act out their host roles of a morning national talk show. Real nice Christmas scenes.
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    . I love Melissa Joan Hart, I really do. But this Christmas offering is pretty dull. Our heroine is competing with our hero (Dean Cain) for the co-host chair on Regis and Kathie lee. No. Regis and Kelly. No. Kelly and Michael. No….In this movie it is called Rise and Shine. They are former lovers and co-workers. Melissa broke up with Dean because he was chosen over her for a big promotion 6 years prior, and she was just so embarrassed about that. Melissa looks young enough still to pass as an under 35 broadcaster on her way up. But Dean Cain, at 50, just looks absurd trying to play the role of a person of approximately the same age. At one point he pleads with influential Dad at the dinner table that he wants to earn the National spot on his own without Daddy interfering.

    Melissa was great as usual. Her rant on live TV when she promotes herself, a virtual unknown, for the Network morning show is funny and entertaining. And her charm and naturalness in trying out for the job would have won her the job immediately in real life over the 3 no-talents she is competing against. There's a big reveal at the end which you see coming a mile away, that really does Dean Cain no favors in making his role believable or sympathetic. I enjoyed Jackee Harry's work in this, and am glad to see Cynthia Gibb still working despite playing her own age. Holy Cow! I just realized that that was Richard Kline playing Melissa's Dad. Totally did not recognize him!
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    I'm not sure what it is about him, but I didn't find Dean Cain's character to be likeable at all. I'm sure he's a very nice guy, but I think that in this movie he's almost too nice. The fake kind of nice. I agree with the previous reviewer...Melissa (and the Christmas season) is the bright spot in this film. Maybe if she had a costar like Brennan Elliot it would've been a better movie.