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Albüm (2016) HD online

Albüm (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Albüm
Director: Mehmet Can Mertoglu
Writers: Mehmet Can Mertoglu
Released: 2016
Duration: 1h 45min
Video type: Movie
A middle-class Turkish couple is far from willing to admit they used adoption as a last resort to build a family, and will do anything to keep it a secret.
Credited cast:
Sebnem Bozoklu Sebnem Bozoklu - Bahar Bahtiyaroglu
Murat Kiliç Murat Kiliç - Cüneyt Bahtiyaroglu
Muttalip Mujdeci Muttalip Mujdeci - Chief Police Officer
Müfit Kayacan Müfit Kayacan - Cemal Cerbest
Riza Akin Riza Akin - Rifat
Zuhal Gencer Zuhal Gencer - Mrs. Emine (as Zuhal Gencer Erkaya)
Binnaz Ekren Binnaz Ekren - Saadet
Cem Zeynel Kiliç Cem Zeynel Kiliç - Yasin
Sencar Sagdic Sencar Sagdic - Ihsan Yazici (as Sencer Sagdiç)
Mihriban Er Mihriban Er - Selma
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Mustafa Adigüzel Mustafa Adigüzel - Polis
Ayten Aksoy Ayten Aksoy - Baby
Unit Aras Unit Aras - Teacher
Bahar Bildik Bahar Bildik - Woman at Police Station
Ayhan Ergürsel Ayhan Ergürsel - Whaco

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French visa # 143274.

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    I've seen this movie in December, in an empty freezing cinema. I didn't know anything about it, except that it was Turkish and won a Cannes prize.

    The beginning blew me off. I thought I was watching a documentary orchestrated by a genius DOP, because all of the objects and spaces were so well distributed and it all seemed so rough and real, that it couldn't just be an artistic drama.

    Then the slow-to-medium paced action began. It took me a while to realize why the couple was faking its situation in pictures.

    The characters are very real; they are creative anti-heroes that represent the lower middle class in all Eastern Europe, not just Turkey. You feel like blaming them all the time while realizing that all they want is a happy, undisturbed family life.

    I do recommend it.
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    Saw this at the Movies That Matter film festival 2017 in The Hague. I cannot avoid forewarning everyone that it is essential to read the synopsis beforehand, or you will be lost and miss the central theme. This movie is all about the difficulties around adopting a child in combination with hiding the fact afterwards that the child is not your own. This movie distracts too often and too much from the core theme. I assume all those unrelated scenes are intended as social commentary, still interesting to watch. Does not let it confuse you.

    Nevertheless, me being unfamiliar with Turkish customs, I still assume I missed a lot of the message(s) that the film makers try to bring across. I think I only got the obvious ones. On the other hand, some things that I noticed specifically, like smoking in the office apparently not forbidden there and similarly in the proximity of a young baby, are both shamelessly shown in this movie, yet seem not intended as social commentary by design.

    The very best example of some totally redundant and distracting scenes can be seen at the beginning, where we first witness how a bull fertilizes a cow, and immediately thereafter the birth of a calf. Maybe interesting for someone not grown up on a farm, but it does not add anything useful to the story. And particularly the first scene with the bull is far too long compared with its actual contents.

    I scored a 2 (out of 5) for the audience award when leaving the theater, due to being not bad overall but meandering too much away from its central message, while at the same time withholding essential information in the process. The ultimate panic after discovering that their adoption was visible in police records, was a bit sketchy and had deserved more attention. The final scene with a waterfall in full view and our threesome family walking towards it, lost me completely, and I still cannot deduce its significance (suicide out of shame??).

    All in all, witnessing how social norms about adoption are influencing everyone's behavior, and to what length the main protagonists go to hide their "secret", is interesting to see, despite it is all a bit alien to us. In our world it is not such a taboo to adopt a child. The tangled web woven kept me awake, and also helped me to plod through confusing scenes that were distracting rather than having a useful purpose.