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Jerico (2016) HD online

Jerico (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / History / Mystery
Original Title: Jerico
Director: Seckeita Lewis
Writers: Brandon Lewis,Brandon Lewis
Released: 2016
Duration: 1h 38min
Video type: Movie
Jerico is the story of best friends, Jarvis Cook and Jerico Walker, living in 1964 rural Mississippi. Jarvis is a hardworking man fighting hard to overcome a past tragedy and live out the dreams his father couldn't achieve. Jerico is a spontaneous and carefree jokester who regularly gets Jarvis off track, but would do anything for his friend. Together they challenge the restrictions and bias' of Jim Crow and set out on a dangerous, but comedic journey to fulfill the lifelong dream Jarvis' father never could. With all the elements of the Jim Crow south against them, Jerico makes an unlikely, yet heroic decision in an effort to save their lives.


Cast overview, first billed only:
George Wallace George Wallace - Greg Parsons
Irma P. Hall Irma P. Hall - Grandma
Jo Marie Payton Jo Marie Payton - Maebell
Gregg Daniel Gregg Daniel - Thomas Cook
Numa Perrier Numa Perrier - Sweet Georgia Perkins
Willie Minor Willie Minor - Mr. Spurling
Richard Jackson Richard Jackson - Clark Munson
Brandon Lewis Brandon Lewis - Jerico Walker
Anthony Fort Anthony Fort - Jarvis Cook
Kevin Kinkade Kevin Kinkade - Marcel Edwards
Carl Bailey Carl Bailey - Tobey
Edwin S. Nichols III Edwin S. Nichols III - Lowery
Patty Pell Patty Pell - Elda Edwards
Telvin Griffin Telvin Griffin - Skip Parker
Mike Head Mike Head - Jimbo Jackson

There is a sequence in the film that involves several Klansmen. The actors portraying these characters were outfitted on the side of a fairly busy South Dallas street. A man stopped and asked one of the production personnel if the Klan had come back to town.

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    This movie was set back in time when racism was going on. I really liked how they mixed comedy with the drama because some parts were very heavy. An independent that went back in time probably with budget restraints, amazing job on the look of the film. The two leads carried the movie very well. Very good story and well put together. This is a must see movie
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    Knights from Bernin

    I enjoyed every aspect of this project.Great story, actors, and well executed. Kept my attention the entire time. This film will continue to gain relevance over time.
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    We never got to the story of the boys and their adventures; the beginning was long and about the unjust treatment of Blacks in the South and doubt as to whether anything would change with the passage of the Civil Rights Bill in1960; it was a history lesson and one with which we are familiar