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Ashes (2010) HD online

Ashes (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: Ashes
Director: Nick Sivakumaran
Writers: Umair Hameed,Umair Hameed
Released: 2010
Duration: 13min
Video type: Movie
A Muslim-American boy is profiled at an airport and harshly interrogated by a Department of Homeland Security Agent. He is suspected as a terrorist because of his looks, his belongings are scattered across the table and he is questioned about each item; a book in Arabic, a burnt flag, and a jar full of white dust. The boy tells a story, revealing to the agent that the items belong to his brother, a former US Marine who served in Afghanistan. The book in Arabic, is a Quran, not a terrorist handbook, the burnt flag is a flag his brother saved during an attack on a US base, and the jar full of white dust are his brother's ashes.
Cast overview:
Umair Hameed Umair Hameed - Mohammed Hamza
Nathan Davies Nathan Davies - Walter Burke
Ozzy Ramirez Ozzy Ramirez - TSA Agent
Iris Avalee Iris Avalee - Air Stewardess / P.A. Announcer (as Iris Cheung)
Charlie Catenhauser Charlie Catenhauser - Passenger #1
Zafer Ulukaya Zafer Ulukaya - Passenger #2
Alex Coury Alex Coury - Passenger #3
Ashley Karp Ashley Karp - Passenger #4
Steven Rolon Steven Rolon - Passenger #5

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    Skunk Black

    This movie was amazing, great writer! The main actor did a superb job. Cinematography was very nicely done. Great emotions put in to the movie, it was very emotional! Amazing plot! The young actors are what we need it todays filming industry. The storyline is very unique and showed a new side to this type of situation, the officer was stereotyping the main character unfairly and later he realized his mistake. It deals with real life issues that people deal with in todays society. Watch and rate on YouTube! Hope to see it on the big screen soon! to watch trailer go to: and search Ashes trailer Umair Hameed