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Peter Loves Mary That Certain Age (1960–1961) HD online

Peter Loves Mary That Certain Age (1960–1961) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy
Original Title: That Certain Age
Director: Sidney Miller
Writers: Mel Diamond,Billy Friedberg
Released: 1960–1961
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Peter agrees to direct a play for the local junior college and is romantically pursued by the dean's young persistent daughter.
Episode cast overview:
Peter Lind Hayes Peter Lind Hayes - Peter Lindsey
Mary Healy Mary Healy - Mary Lindsey
Bea Benaderet Bea Benaderet - Wilma
Merry Martin Merry Martin - Leslie Lindsey
Gil Smith Gil Smith - Steve Lindsey
Richard Gaines Richard Gaines - Dean Robinson
Bill Tennant Bill Tennant - Doug Bradley
James Ragan James Ragan - Stagehand
Yvonne Craig Yvonne Craig - Darcy Robinson

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    Peter is panicked to find grey hair on his head. Meanwhile, Oakdell Junior College asks him to direct a dramatic play called "That Certain Age". Mary encourages him to try his hand at directing. At the college Peter meets one of the dramatic students Darcy Robinson (Yvonne Craig, "Batman") who gushes over him. She is the daughter of the down-to-earth Dean Robinson (Richard Gaines) who insists Peter show her no favoritism. Darcy comes on strong to him- following him until she succeeds in driving him home in her sports car. She instead drives him to a romantic spot. Mary brushes it off a "schoolgirl crush", as does the dean. Peter wishes to quit, but first tries to show Darcy another side. However, the situation isn't quite as it seems.

    An average offering, which is better than most. But, there is still a struggle to develop the plot throughout.