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Her Story No. 2: Hush Little Baby (2018) HD online

Her Story No. 2: Hush Little Baby (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Crime / Drama
Original Title: Her Story No. 2: Hush Little Baby
Director: Camille Hollett-French
Writers: Camille Hollett-French,Camille Hollett-French
Released: 2018
Duration: 15min
Video type: Movie
In this unfolding of a strained father-daughter relationship, Lacey, a young mother, visits her father Richard in a maximum-security penitentiary where he's serving a sentence for luring and attempting to have sex with a child. Lacey maintains a strong front until she finds herself with questions about Richard's past, ones that he can't get away from with answers she doesn't know how to handle. Then Lacey sees something that shakes her to the core, forcing her to make a decision that will change their lives forever.
Cast overview:
Camille Hollett-French Camille Hollett-French - Lacey
Bill MacDonald Bill MacDonald - Richard
Heather Allin Heather Allin - Officer Wright
Natalie Charles Natalie Charles - Officer Bentley
Chala Hunter Chala Hunter - Cindy
Ellie O'Brien Ellie O'Brien - Skylar
Glen Reid Glen Reid - Inmate #1
Dimitri Vantis Dimitri Vantis - Guard #1
Tatiana Orlova Tatiana Orlova - Registrant #2

The producers of the film tried tirelessly for three months, speaking with more than 40 people, to find an authentic prison location in which to shoot. When three weeks before shooting they realized it wouldn't happen, producer Robbin McDonnell and her partner (and director of Kingdom Come), decided to build the visitation room set themselves. They built if from scratch in their downtown London, Ontario loft then Camille's brother-in-law transported it to Toronto in a Penske truck.

Camille found the location for the shoot when she went to see a Canadian Legion location in person. The facility didn't have what she was looking for but the person who was showing her around said he "may have something." His wife then took her across the street to the apartment building they own and showed her the basement level, which happened to have every element needed for the shoot.

It's part of the series Her Story (In Three Parts). It's the second instalment but first to be shot. The series is about the shame sometimes associated with different elements of sex and sexuality, no matter our levels of involvement - all told from the female perspective.

Hush Little Baby was a winner of the Live Read LA's Mickey Fisher edition. It was the first short film to be featured in the series.

Her Story (In Three Parts) was a finalist for the Cayle Chernin Awards 2017.

Hush Little Baby was produced in part by ACTRA through YEAA Shorts, a residency whereby members of YEAA (Young Emerging Artists Aseembly) apply and are accepted to produce a short film with the support of the union, William F. White and Reel World Film Festival.