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Doubleplusungood (2018) HD online

Doubleplusungood (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime
Original Title: Doubleplusungood
Director: Marco Laguna
Writers: Wild Dee,Marco Laguna
Released: 2018
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
In 2018, in a country that doesn't exist, Dago Cassandra, a small time crook, returns to his kingdom after fifteen years in exile, invested with a divine mission to kill the twelve apostles of Lucifer, represented by the pyramid of power - An extremely dangerous mission, especially when there is a price on your head.
Credited cast:
Delfine Bafort Delfine Bafort - Eve
Georges Beguin Georges Beguin - Brother
Jonathan Borms Jonathan Borms - 4th Victim
Séverine De Streyker Séverine De Streyker - Lucifer's girl 1
Nicosse De Viron Nicosse De Viron - Hell Hound 1
Dave Decat Dave Decat - Hell Hound 2
Wild Dee Wild Dee - Dago Cassandra
Manu Defrennes Manu Defrennes - Hell Hound 5
John Drunker John Drunker - 3rd Victim
Yourek Dury Yourek Dury - Gun Salesman
Chris Dutry Chris Dutry - Mecanic
Alain Elskens Alain Elskens - Deadman
Philippe Genion Philippe Genion - Bankster
Jamie Gonzales Jamie Gonzales - 2nd Victim
Julie Kieffer Julie Kieffer - Lucifer's girl 4