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Me and Rubyfruit (1989) HD online

Me and Rubyfruit (1989) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: Me and Rubyfruit
Director: Sadie Benning
Writers: Rita Mae Brown
Released: 1989
Duration: 4min
Video type: Movie
Interpretation of "Rubyfruit Jungle".

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    'Me and Rubyfruit' was shot entirely on a Fischer-Price PXL 2000 camera, hence the childishly grainy quality. It is ultimately a video diary or log commenting on Sadie Benning's troubles with her sexuality and unhappiness. The narrative is similar to Elizabeth Wurtzel in Prozac Nation, and the dialogue is interspersed with random shots of Benning's bedroom; a lamp, fluffy toys, the view of the Brooklyn (?) suburbs from her window. There seems little point to the film, as we are presented with a character who we have little or no sympathy for; Benning alienates her audience for her character is very rigidly set as someone who many people cannot relate to (16 year old confused lesbian with a stereotyped and cliched teen-angst aura about her). In terms of style, it is certainly original for there are few films available that are shot in "Pixeltron" yet it is certainly dull and has as much professionalism as an unedited home-made movie. Arguably that is the point of the film: it is not made for an audience, which is why it is unheard of outside cliques and underground film circles. But if you are looking for decent Avant-Garde, go see 'Un Chien Andalou' or the 'Bells of Atlantis', or even Warhol's 'Blowjob'.