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Stand Up (2007) HD online

Stand Up (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Stand Up
Director: Michael Rainin
Writers: Michael Rainin
Released: 2007
Duration: 1h 41min
Video type: Movie
Avi Rosen knows what's really funny: the laughs come with dollar signs in Hollywood. Bidding farewell to his crotchety grandmother, who wishes he'd find a nice Jewish girl and open a pharmacy, Avi leaves the Big Apple and heads West to Tinseltown. Shacking up with an old comic buddy from the East Coast, Avi is surprised to find his once caustic friend an incense-sniffing yoga nut seemingly let loose in LALA land. But the changes Avi experiences end up being far more unsettling. Avi is quickly immersed in the gritty maneuvers of sitcom star making by Leo Stein, an unscrupulous but influential back room power player. Leo capitalizes on the young comedian's blinding desire for success and propels him past the aspiring entertainers Avi soon counts as friends, who have been paying their dues far longer than the recent transplant. When one of those overlooked comedians, Sarah Green, becomes his lover, he mistakes her warnings about his nefarious manager as professional jealousy. Nearly too ...
Credited cast:
Max Alexander Max Alexander - Leo Stein
Aesop Aquarian Aesop Aquarian - Boris Kolenkov, the Russian cab driver
Janette Barber Janette Barber - Angry Neighbor
Joanne Baron Joanne Baron - Suzanne
Mary Christina Brown Mary Christina Brown - Luna
Zephyr Brown Zephyr Brown - Slow Clapper
Dave Casper Dave Casper - Heckler
Tamara 'Gingir' Curry Tamara 'Gingir' Curry - Tanya
Crystal Dawne Crystal Dawne - Amber
Federico Dordei Federico Dordei - Fabrice
Kathryn Fiore Kathryn Fiore - Sarah Green
Helen Geller Helen Geller - Avi's Grandmother
Godfrey Godfrey - Dante
Elena Goodman Elena Goodman - Hysterical Woman
Mari Haig Mari Haig - Party Guest

Reviews: [2]

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    crazy mashine

    Although a bit cliché, (what romantic comedy is not) this little indie has some classic jokes and strong characters. I really enjoyed the sardonic humor of the main character - Avi.

    I wish more films portrayed every day people like this more often, instead of shiny happy people who look like they came out of some fashion magazine.

    I think we will be seeing more of both the lead (Modi Rosenfeld) and the director (Michael Rainin) in years to come.

    Also, if you have the DVD, watch the bonus tracks, they are very, very funny.

    This film also gave a pretty realistic look on the stand up comedy scene in LA and New York City and I checked and most of the actors are stand up comedians in real life.
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    just one girl

    This film has an excellent storyline that moves inexorably from one high to another until everything comes crashing down only to rise up and reach another high. There is no fluff just great drama and comedy. Modi Rosenfeld is perfect as the New York Jewish comic, Avi, trying to make it big in Hollywood. Kathryn Fiore is darling as his love interest and Derek Hughes as John, Avi's old New York Buddy is the perfect counterpoint to Avi and his acting is truly remarkable. Godfrey is superb as Avi's comic mentor and his wife, Tamara 'Ginger' Curry is beautiful and heart wrenching as the toiling mom behind the comic. John Melendez puts in a funny cameo as does Marlo Williams who is hysterically funny. This is a funny sweet film that will make you feel good.