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Bachelor Mother (1932) HD online

Bachelor Mother (1932) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Bachelor Mother
Director: Charles Hutchison
Writers: Al Boasberg,Paul Gangelin
Released: 1932
Duration: 1h 10min
Video type: Movie
A motherless, rich you man gets into trouble and his lawyer, with an agenda of his own, pleads him off on the behalf of his poor old mother. Having no mother, he is persuaded to go to an old-ladies home and acquire one. THere he takes an interest in a kindly old lady, and also a deeper interest in the young lady in charge of the home.
Cast overview:
Evalyn Knapp Evalyn Knapp - Mary Somerset
James Murray James Murray - Joe Bigelow
Margaret Seddon Margaret Seddon - Cynthia Wilson
Paul Page Paul Page - Arthur Hall
Astrid Allwyn Astrid Allwyn - Lola Butler
Harry Holman Harry Holman - Judge Yates
Virginia Sale Virginia Sale - Mrs. Stone
Eddie Kane Eddie Kane - District Attorney
Jimmy Aubrey Jimmy Aubrey - Lamkin (as James Aubrey)
John Paul Jones John Paul Jones - Mr. Cameron (as J. Paul Jones)
Henry Hall Henry Hall - Judge Boland
Margaret Mann Margaret Mann - Mrs. Price
Bess Stafford Bess Stafford - Mrs. Waters
Stella Adams Stella Adams - Mrs. Smith

This film is presumed lost. Please check your attic.