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Home and Away Episode #1.1774 (1988– ) HD online

Home and Away Episode #1.1774 (1988– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.1774
Director: Leigh Spence
Writers: Greg Millin
Released: 1988–
Duration: 28min
Video type: TV Episode
Episode cast overview:
Debra Lawrance Debra Lawrance - Pippa Ross
Melissa George Melissa George - Angel Parrish
Dieter Brummer Dieter Brummer - Shane Parrish
Daniel Amalm Daniel Amalm - Jack Wilson
Isla Fisher Isla Fisher - Shannon Reed
Ray Meagher Ray Meagher - Alf Stewart
Norman Coburn Norman Coburn - Donald Fisher
Lynne McGranger Lynne McGranger - Irene Roberts (credit only)
Adam Willits Adam Willits - Steven Matheson
Laurence Breuls Laurence Breuls - Nelson McFarlane
Katrina Hobbs Katrina Hobbs - Kelly Watson
Corey Glaister Corey Glaister - Dylan Parrish
Louise Anton Louise Anton - Emma