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Transformers Generation 2  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Action / Adventure / Family / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Transformers Generation 2
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
Abridged version of the 1984 show with added CGI intros. Cybernet Space Cube is a Cybetronian learning tool that presents stories from the original show as history lessons.

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    Driving to save the World from the Evil Decepticons the Heroic Autobots are lead by Optimus Prime He's more than meets the eye He's a Robot In Disguise TRANSFORMERS!

    Going mad to destroy the Autobots and conquer Mankind the Evil Decepticons are more than meets the eye! Transformers! Robots in Disguise!

    Heroic Autobots vs Evil Decepticons with the fate of Planet Earth hanging in the balance! Transformers! Transformers Generation 2. And now through the magic of the Cyber Net Space cube the computer enhance stories of the Transformers. Transformers 2!

    Transformers Generation 2 is more or less an updated retelling of the original Transformers episodes from the 1984 series.

    I mostly remember the toys of Generation 2 and they had some many classic ones as well as a interesting powerful comic book series.

    Transformers Generation 2 is where most of my toys were started from and I still remember the commercials like they were yesterday.

    The show itself just retold the stories of the Transformers with CGI effects I remember growing up watching it but it has been some time since I've seen the show.

    It is a nice way to help introduce the fans who weren't born at the high success of the original transformers and it also lets the fans get a enhance series with new effects

    Check it out if you're curious but I would recommend the comic books and toys more