» » Vaprad ja ilusad Episode #1.629 (1987– )

Vaprad ja ilusad Episode #1.629 (1987– ) HD online

Vaprad ja ilusad Episode #1.629 (1987– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.629
Writers: William J. Bell,John F. Smith
Released: 1987–
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Stephanie, Eric, Ridge and Caroline are stunned to see Lt. Burke. Even though Ridge claims that a thief shot him, the Lieutenant won't let them fool him that easily. He breaks to Eric and Stephanie that he is more convinced that Thorne shot his brother - he just failed to prove it yet. When Thorne runs into Donna at Brooke's lab, she tells Thorne Caroline is lucky to have him. Kristen and Clarke talk for the first time in weeks, but the conflicts are still there as Clarke saw Mick leaving the building earlier which he think is proof for his suspicion that Kristen still has feeling for her ex. Ridge worries that Burke will question Thorne. When Thorne comes home, Lt. Burke takes a bold step and announces he found the shooter...
Episode credited cast:
Jeff Allin Jeff Allin - Lt. Brian Burke
Susan Flannery Susan Flannery - Stephanie Douglas Forrester
Joanna Johnson Joanna Johnson - Caroline Spencer Forrester
Teri Ann Linn Teri Ann Linn - Kristen Forrester Garrison
John McCook John McCook - Eric Forrester
Daniel McVicar Daniel McVicar - Clarke Garrison
Carrie Mitchum Carrie Mitchum - Donna Logan
Ronn Moss Ronn Moss - Ridge Forrester
Jeff Trachta Jeff Trachta - Thorne Forrester