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Dil Ek Mandir (1963) HD online

Dil Ek Mandir (1963) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Musical / Romance
Original Title: Dil Ek Mandir
Director: C.V. Sridhar
Writers: Raj Baldev Raj,Arjun Dev Rashk
Released: 1963
Duration: 2h 28min
Video type: Movie
Dr. Dharmesh (Rajendra Kumar) and Sita (Meena Kumari) are in love, and hope to marry on Dharmesh's return from abroad. When Dharmesh returns, he is devastated to find that Sita has married someone else. He then decides to devote the rest of his life at a cancer clinic. One of his patients is Ram (Raaj Kumar), who is critically ill, and has to be operated upon. Things progress well, until Dharmesh meets Ram's wife - none other than Sita. Dharmesh now has to battle with his conscience, and his medical ethics to save Ram or to let him pass away, so that he can marry Sita.
Complete credited cast:
Meena Kumari Meena Kumari - Sita
Rajendra Kumar Rajendra Kumar - Dr. Dharmesh
Raaj Kumar Raaj Kumar - Ram
Mehmood Mehmood - Lallu Lal
Shubha Khote Shubha Khote - Mynavati
Manmohan Krishna Manmohan Krishna - Philip
Achala Sachdev Achala Sachdev - Dharmesh's Mother
Randhir Randhir
Sunder Sunder - Eknath Kirtan (as Sundar)
Krishna Kumari Krishna Kumari
Santhini Santhini
Ram Mohan Ram Mohan - Dr. Shankar
Keshav Rana Keshav Rana - Dr. John (as Keshav)
Kutty Padmini Kutty Padmini - Uma - child (as Baby Padmini)

Reviews: [3]

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    Dil Ek Mandir is a heart touching movie.I would proudly say that every character performs to a great extent.The songs are like honey which can even make a hard heart a soft one.Meena Kumari's one of truly finest performance which you cannot forget till your death. Rajendra Kumar touches the hearts of audiences at the climax scenes.Raaj Kumar is best as supporting actor by delivering Dialogues in a finest way.Every scene touches the heart which can even make you lose your sleep even after watching it.When I watched recently I felt why nobody told me about this movie.Really the climax scene brings tears in your eyes.Really one of heart touching love story with finest performances.
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    Dil Ek Mandir is a superb movie dealing with a triangular love story between Dharmesh ( Rajendra Kumar, Ram ( Raaj Kumar ) and Sita ( Meena Kumari) While Dharmesh and Sita were in love and was planned to become husband and wife, circumstances did not let that happen that way and Sita ended up marrying Ram while Dharmesh was abroad. The story starts with Ram brought by Sita to Dharmesh for treatment of cancer. The dialogue is just marvelleous and keeps you glued to the story. The entire movie is shot in one place - the hospital where Ram was waiting for his operation. This movie is probably one of Meena Kumari's stellar performances supported by equally great acting by both Rajendra Kumar and Raaj Kumar. The story is heart breaking you cannot stop crying when Ram asks Sita to marry Dharmesh if he dies after the operation which Ram thinks is a certainty. Also the final scene when Dharmesh finds that the operation was successful and Ram is going to live with Sita - Rajendra Kumar gave a magnificent performance. Dil Ek Mandir is a classic Meena Kumari movie where she played a tragedy queen role like many other movies where her performance will be remembered as a masterpiece. It is a must see.
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    A conscience of a doctor between his professional ethics to save the life of a patient and his own love life forms the crux of this handsomely crafted tear-jerker which found a huge fame at its time. The story is pretty familiar, but the way it's executed brings the sweetness raising curiosity till the last minute. Apart few interminable sequences, the camera focuses mainly on the three protagonists of the story, Rajendra Kumar as the doctor who needs to operate upon a critically ill cancer patient played by Raaj Kumar, who happens to be the husband of his former lover, Meena Kumari. It's the performances of all three, and especially Raaj Kumar, which rises the film above an average tear jerker with songs. Overall, I enjoyed the film; and it pretty much represents the era of a fine film making.

    Rating: 2 stars out of 4