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With the Eyes of Love (1914) HD online

With the Eyes of Love (1914) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Short
Original Title: With the Eyes of Love
Director: George Lessey
Writers: E.W. Sargent
Released: 1914
Video type: Movie
Alice Elgin acts as stenographer to an old deaf banker. To facilitate her work, she has taught her employer lip-reading, and has naturally become an adept at it herself. Ned, her employer's son, falls in love with her, to his father's entire satisfaction. But since the old gentleman has a keen sense of humor, he at first pretends to be greatly enraged. The butler overhears a part of the apparent quarrel between them. That evening burglars break into the house and kill the old man with a heavy cane Ned has left in the study. On the circumstantial strength of the butler's testimony, Ned is arrested for murder. At the trial, things are going very badly for young Felton until Alice happens to see a man in the audience whispering to his neighbor. With unerring precision, she reads the words, "If they knew 1 killed him." The story ends in an ably sustained dramatic climax wherein the utterly bewildered burglar, jerked rudely from his supposed safety, is confronted with the fatal cane and ...
Cast overview:
Augustus Phillips Augustus Phillips
Edward Boulden Edward Boulden
Robert Brower Robert Brower
Gladys Hulette Gladys Hulette
John Sturgeon John Sturgeon
Bessie Learn Bessie Learn
Barry O'Moore Barry O'Moore
Charles Ogle Charles Ogle
Harry Linson Harry Linson
Charles Sutton Charles Sutton
Julian Reed Julian Reed

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    A picture for lip readers and one that depends on lip reading to furnish its climax; the heroine at the trial of her lover catches what the real criminals, seated at the far end of the room, say to each other and has them brought to the bar of justice. This is new and perhaps in the line of progress; at any rate it is interesting. What the players say in their roles has been prepared beforehand for them and is meant to be read on their lips by the audience. This reviewer failed to catch it. Epes Winthrop Sargent is the author and George Lessey produced it. - The Moving Picture World, March 21, 1914