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The Klan (2013) HD online

The Klan (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Adventure / Comedy
Original Title: The Klan
Director: Santiago León
Writers: Santiago León
Released: 2013
Budget: CAD 7,000
Duration: 14min
Video type: Movie
Cletus is a KKK member who now presides a support group meeting to members of his chapter, The Proud White Klan of Georgia. This is because they are being collectively hated by the people in town. After being tired of experiencing bigotry against him, his family and friends he experiences a dream which inspires him to reform his chapter by doing a campaign of re branding. His first decision is to make multicolored robes so the people in town will find their association much more attractive. After proposing this, Dale another charismatic member of the Klan decides to create his own chapter, The White Pride Klansmen of Georgia. Once Cletus begins to take this re branding campaign to reform their image they fail until he decides to make a local television add. With the help of this medium he is able to recruit a couple more members and return his association to a situation in which the future holds great opportunity for them.
Credited cast:
Vivien Elizabeth Armour Vivien Elizabeth Armour - Petunia
Matthew Baker Matthew Baker - Bubba
Richard Clairmont Richard Clairmont - Cletus
Robert David Duncan Robert David Duncan - Dale
Travis Lee Travis Lee - Jim Bob
Rogan Lovse Rogan Lovse - Forrest
Marc-Andre Monten Marc-Andre Monten - Austin 2 (as Marc André Monten)
Jesse Reid Jesse Reid - David
Sacha M. Romalo Sacha M. Romalo - Leroy
David Ruano David Ruano - Jose
Orazio Sagone Manzella Orazio Sagone Manzella - Austin 2
Dominic Sambrowski Dominic Sambrowski - Austin
Harv Sihra Harv Sihra - Andrew (as Vinny Sihra)
Chris West Chris West - Billy Bob