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Wash Day in Mexico (1898) HD online

Wash Day in Mexico (1898) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Short
Original Title: Wash Day in Mexico
Director: James H. White
Released: 1898
Duration: 1min
Video type: Movie
"In front of each bare headed woman is a flat rock, used as a wash board. Stream of water near by. Naked Mexican child is playing in the foreground."

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    A dozen women kneel at a stream, scrubbing clothes.

    The composition of this Edison actuality is decent, but compared to the previous year's Lumiere film, "Laveuses sur la Rivière" it is distinctly primitive. There are only two lines of competing motion -- the river's winding flow and the women's rhythmic scrubbing, so there isn't much to interest the viewer once you've absorbed that.

    Neither is the camera well placed to catch the washerwomen and their actions. Instead, it is placed to frame the composition as a still photograph might. Given the time needed to place the camera and the fact that this was actually staged, it shows a lack of understanding of how to compose for the screen.

    Finally, the women are presented as an undifferentiated mass, although that might be due to the poor transfer from the Library of Congress' paper prints. Although transfers to film have been available for decades, the details almost always got lost until half a dozen years ago.
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    Wash Day in Mexico (1898)

    When they say anything could be filmed....they really meant it. This early film basically shows a group of women sitting by a creek where they are washing some clothes. This film lasts less than thirty seconds so obviously you're not going to be getting any sort of story. As I've often said, I always enjoy watching these older movies because it gives you a chance to see how things were back in the day. This one here basically just shows you how clothes were washed but at the same time I enjoy seeing what type of clothing was worn as well as the equipment used to clean. There's certainly nothing ground-breaking here but it was fun to watch.