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I am Lobsang (2011) HD online

I am Lobsang (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Short / Drama / Family
Original Title: I am Lobsang
Director: Chrystian Rodriguez
Released: 2011
Duration: 10min
Video type: Creative Work
Lobsang is a young Tibetan immigrant living in New York City, struggling to navigate the barriers of language and hardships of discrimination. He comes to understand that language is not his problem, so much as living in a xenophobic society. Will Lobsang be able to break through his turmoil or will he fall deeper into isolation?
Cast overview:
Lobsang Gyaltsen Lobsang Gyaltsen - Lobsang
Choezin Lhamo Choezin Lhamo - Little Sister
Yangkyie Yangkyie Yangkyie Yangkyie - Ama
Kysen Kuo Kysen Kuo - Nelson
Jesus Villalba Jesus Villalba - Jesus
Jessica Rodriguez Jessica Rodriguez - Jessica
Cheikh Ndiaye Cheikh Ndiaye - Lobsang's Friend
Eduardo Enciso Eduardo Enciso - Lobsang's Friend
Alejandro Lara Alejandro Lara - Lobsang's Friend
Kunsang Choephel Kunsang Choephel - Lobsang's Friend
Amy Wolf Amy Wolf - Ms. Susan
Frankie Mateo Frankie Mateo - Store Clerk
Natasha McKenzie Natasha McKenzie - School Mate
Jai Dulani Jai Dulani - School Mate