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When a King Came to Town (2010) HD online

When a King Came to Town (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: When a King Came to Town
Director: Adam M. Dempsey
Writers: Adam M. Dempsey
Released: 2010
Duration: 56min
Video type: Movie
When a King Came to Town Sunday, Jan. 16, 1pm on Rocky Mountain PBS "When a King Came to Town" is the documentary story of the 1964 civic consulting trip to Denver and Littleton by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and the local benefits that resulted from the visit. The story also extends to his 1967 return after openly opposing the Vietnam War, his respect for the growing Latino movement, and the local impact to his assassination in April 1968. Interviews include Attorney Dick Young, former Chairman; Denver Human Relations Commission,; Dr. Elinor Greenberg; former Director, Littleton Council for Human Relations; Ron Montoya, President, Plasticom Industries; journalists Fred Brown of the Denver Post and Garret Ray, former Editor, Littleton Independent; with perspective from Dr. King family friend, Dr. Vincent Harding. Produced by Adam M. Dempsey for Habari Media Arts. Closed Captioned