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Mëngë këmishe (2015) HD online

Mëngë këmishe (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Mëngë këmishe
Director: Suela Bako
Writers: Suela Bako
Released: 2015
Budget: ALL 500,000
Duration: 14min
Video type: Movie
Xhilda (30) and Martin (45) are spending a few days in a province hotel. They are not married. Xhilda is pregnant and does not want to keep her child. Martin tries to convincer have a family together. In the morning Xhilda is staring through the window a couple sitting in the bar below the hotel and next to them a little girl who doesn't dare getting closer .
Credited cast:
Ina Gjonci Ina Gjonci - Xhilda
Ina Gjonçaj Ina Gjonçaj - Xhilda
Laertis Vasiliou Laertis Vasiliou - Martin
Kaltrin Zalla Kaltrin Zalla - Vajza e vogel
Romir Zalla Romir Zalla - Kamarier