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Dark Allies (2011) HD online

Dark Allies (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Dark Allies
Director: Tilden Moschetti
Writers: Tilden Moschetti
Released: 2011
Duration: 14min
Video type: Movie
A vampire of the White Court, Chrystal, is sent as an emissary to negotiate an unlikely alliance with a modern Templar group. Templar leadership is undecided about what the strategy to take in the human/vampire war. When one of their soldiers goes missing, Chrystal is the only suspect.
Credited cast:
Katrina Sherwood Katrina Sherwood - Crystal
Tony Sommers Tony Sommers - Duane
Erika Luttenegger Erika Luttenegger - Daria
Eric Franks Eric Franks - Lou
Ankur Tandan Ankur Tandan - Howard
Mark Nicole Mark Nicole - Stan (as Mark Wee)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Mattie Cooper Mattie Cooper - Father Warren

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    from earth

    First the positives.... The opening menu was very nice and credits also done well. The story line on the back of the box reads like it could be a decent campy vampire movie. And the stage fighting provides some comic relief.

    Now the Negatives.... The movie had no point. It opens with a story that could have developed into something more. The description on the back of the movie box was more interesting than the actual film itself. The script was poorly written with a lot of repetition and the actors "over acted" to the point where it seemed very unnatural. For a vampire movie is stands weak in that the few vampires it featured, only one had fangs that were hardly noticed and there was no attempt at effects make-up. The thing that bothered me most is that it sets up a story and stops it before the story can actually go anywhere, in this it doesn't even lend itself to a short film there is an opening scene some mild back story a little drama and then it doesn't seem to close. Where is the resolution? Sigh... 14 min I will never get back.