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Have Gun - Will Travel The Fifth Bullet (1957–1963) HD online

Have Gun - Will Travel The Fifth Bullet (1957–1963) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Western
Original Title: The Fifth Bullet
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Writers: Harry Julian Fink,Herb Meadow
Released: 1957–1963
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
After eight years, Paladin tries to repay a convict for the lie he was told when he arrested him. "I promise you a fair trial" is what he said. The old man who turned that into a lie still wants him dead even from the grave. So he sends five to avenge him - or was it only four?
Episode cast overview:
Richard Boone Richard Boone - Paladin
Ben Johnson Ben Johnson - John Bartlett
Dorothy Dells Dorothy Dells - Emmy Bartlett
Shug Fisher Shug Fisher - Harry Kessler - Hotel Clerk
Peter Boone Peter Boone - Johnny Tecumseh Bartlett

The second of two appearances of Peter Boone, Richard Boone's actual son, in Have Gun - Will Travel. These were his only two appearances ever in television or film.

Ben Johnson is seen firing an 1855 Colt Root percussion revolving carbine. This is the first revolving carbine. The one seen here is probably a .45. since it is a six shot. But they also offered a .56 and .50 caliber. It had rear sights that could be adjusted for 100, 300, and 500 yards.

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    Considering Ben Johnson's standing among fans of Westerns, this is almost like a "guest star" episode. Of course, the series wisely avoided such embellishments, except for maybe this entry. And the gritty Johnson doesn't disappoint

    It's a solid episode. You more or less have to fill in the plot as the story goes along. We know from the outset that Paladin owes a moral debt to Bartlett (Johnson), who's being released from prison. But the details aren't apparent. Turns out that a now deceased old man with a grudge has hired men to kill Bartlett. But the question is— how many men did he hire.

    Good premise, but the really effective part are the many imaginative touches. The bullets, of course, are one—one bullet for each man, maybe! However, I also like Paladin's unexpectedly kicking a clod instead of being sympathetic to Bartlett's fretting. Then there's Bartlett's plain-faced wife (Dells) who doesn't just stand around while the bullets are flying. Unusual touches like these help make this a good solid episode that doesn't disappoint.