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Familie Episode 6199 (1991– ) HD online

Familie Episode 6199 (1991– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Family
Original Title: Episode 6199
Released: 1991–
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Tension rises between Emma and Guido. The constant pressure of Lucas doesn't help. Veronique tells Rudi that she finds it hard to work with Mathias sometimes, because of his feelings for her. Stefanie is angry with her grandfather.
Episode credited cast:
Sandrine André Sandrine André - Veronique Van den Bossche
Vincent Banic Vincent Banic - Guido Van den Bossche
Yanni Bourguignon Yanni Bourguignon - Cédric Van de Caveye
Bab Buelens Bab Buelens - Emma Verdonck
Peter Bulckaen Peter Bulckaen - Mathias Moelaert
Silvia Claes Silvia Claes - Trudy Tack de Rixart de Waremme
Werner De Smedt Werner De Smedt - Rudi Verbiest
Jef Desmedt Jef Desmedt - Jan Van den Bossche
Marianne Devriese Marianne Devriese - Evy Hermans
Annie Geeraerts Annie Geeraerts - Anna Dierckx
Margot Hallemans Margot Hallemans - Hannah Van den Bossche
Ludo Hellinx Ludo Hellinx - Patrick Pauwels
Felix Jamaels Felix Jamaels - Jelle Van den Bossche
Gunther Levi Gunther Levi - Peter Van den Bossche
Caroline Maes Caroline Maes - Mieke Van den Bossche