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The Sheriff and his Son (1910) HD online

The Sheriff and his Son (1910) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Western
Original Title: The Sheriff and his Son
Released: 1910
Video type: Movie
Dan Moore, the sheriff's son, interferes in vain when his father orders his lazy uncle out of the house. They glare at each other, these two brothers, the one, stern with rage, and the other, scowling with hate. The next day the sheriff is informed by a couple of neighboring cowboys, of a horse-thief in the vicinity. He at once prepares to catch him and issues orders for the assembling of a posse. His daughter tells him he'll find Dan over at the widow's, and with a wink and a smile goes over himself to get his son and warn the widow to keep her eyes open. He finds Dan with an arm about Kate, the widow's daughter. It takes him but a second to interrupt their billing and cooing, although he does it with a smile and good-natured banter, for he approves of his son's choice; but there is business to attend to and he takes the young fellow away. When they return they find the posse ready and waiting, and they are about to start when Dan sees the vindictive face of his uncle peering in at ...