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Lady Possessed (1952) HD online

Lady Possessed (1952) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Mystery / Romance / Thriller
Original Title: Lady Possessed
Director: Roy Kellino,William Spier
Writers: Pamela Mason,Pamela Mason
Released: 1952
Duration: 1h 27min
Video type: Movie
In a London nursing home, Jean Wilson, a happily-married American woman, while in a state of self-consciousness, hears Jimmy Del Palma, angrily berate the hospital management for the out-dated treatment used on his wife, who dies a bit later. When she is well again, Jean rents the former home of Del Palma, a famous concert pianist, and his late wife. Not knowing why, she begins to fall in love with the absent man and on hearing about his wife's death, dreams of taking her place. Her dream comes to close to becoming reality.
Cast overview:
James Mason James Mason - Jimmy Del Palma
June Havoc June Havoc - Jean Wilson
Stephen Dunne Stephen Dunne - Tom Wilson
Fay Compton Fay Compton - Mme. Brune
Pamela Mason Pamela Mason - Sybil (as Pamela Kellino)
Steven Geray Steven Geray - Dr. Stepanek
Diana Graves Diana Graves - Medium
Odette Myrtil Odette Myrtil - Mrs. Burrows
Eileen Erskine Eileen Erskine - Violet
John Monaghan John Monaghan - Dave (as John P. Monaghan)
Vivian Bonnell Vivian Bonnell - Calypso Singer (as Enid Mosier)
Judy Osborne Judy Osborne - Secretary (as Judy Osborn)

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    Having caught the attention of Hollywood in 'Odd Man Out' (I don't know why), James Mason was shipped across the pond to appear in films like these and act alongside some of the studios finest actresses. This film was not worth the flight.