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The Regeneration of Apache Kid (1911) HD online

The Regeneration of Apache Kid (1911) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Western
Original Title: The Regeneration of Apache Kid
Director: Francis Boggs
Writers: Francis Boggs
Released: 1911
Video type: Movie
The home of a frontier family is suddenly attacked by Apache Indians, who kill the parents, set fire to the house and carry off the small boy. He is raised to believe himself an Indian and becomes the leader of his tribe. Fifteen years later, we discover him a man, grown. While on a raid, he and the Indians see the wagon of a settler and give chase. They overtake it, kill the driver and burn the wagon. Col. Worthington receives a message that "Apache Kid" is responsible for this. Two scouts discover the burning wagon, and a dead white man. The troop soon arrives and sally forth in search of the Indians. The cavalry captures "Apache Kid" and his foster father, Old Chato. At the barracks, the ladies become very much interested in the "Kid" when they learn he is of white origin. Mary, the colonel's daughter, believes there is some hope for him; she persuades her father to send for him. Of course, the colonel cannot refuse Mary. They are brought into the room, and Mary insists upon ...
Cast overview:
Al Ernest Garcia Al Ernest Garcia - The Apache Kid (as Albert Garcia)
Fred Huntley Fred Huntley - Chato - the Kid's Father
Frank Richardson Frank Richardson - Colonel George Worthington
Tom Santschi Tom Santschi - Captain Dudley
Herbert Rawlinson Herbert Rawlinson - Lieutenant Morgan
Frank Clark Frank Clark - Lieutenant Deering (as Frank M. Clark)
George Hernandez George Hernandez - Uncle Eph
Betty Harte Betty Harte - Mary Worthington - the Colonel's Daughter
Eugenie Besserer Eugenie Besserer - Mrs. Dudley
Camille Astor Camille Astor - Tillie Worthington
Elaine Davis Elaine Davis - Mrs. Deering
Anna Dodge Anna Dodge - Mrs. Worthington
Nanette Cogley Nanette Cogley - Aunt Mandy

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    Perhaps this picture's source of power is chiefly in the heart- wringing tragedy of its situation. We are shown a white boy, carried off by Apaches from the red burning of his home. A "leader" then tells us that this boy has grown up and is known as "Apache Kid," the terror of the settlers. We now catch a glimpse of his band on the hillside and we see his resolute and relentless face just for a moment as he rides out of the picture. The expression of the man is good character drawing. It was wise to show him only for a moment at that stage, the picture isn't allowed to become commonplace; the imagination is left to hold it and add to it, unhampered, and the result is that a very deep impression is given of all that the situation implies. A white man, with all a white man's possibilities (this man suggests great possibilities), is shown riding thus. It is heart wringing. The rest of the film doesn't so much add to what has already been shown as bring it into clearer focus or put brighter light on it. In a scene following a truly realistic surprise and skirmish on rocky Arizona hills Apache Kid is captured. The colonel's daughter attempts to regenerate him with the logical result and its sad ending. This tragic close is not pleasant, but it is strong and logical. - The Moving Picture World, August 26, 1911