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Bugs Stealth (1995–1999) HD online

Bugs Stealth (1995–1999) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Crime / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Stealth
Director: Ken Grieve
Writers: Brian Clemens,Stephen Gallagher
Released: 1995–1999
Duration: 50min
Video type: TV Episode
When two mysterious young women attempt to steal a prototype sports car, Gizmos are hired by vehicle manufacturer Tronix to provide security for the launch. Ed, Ros and Beckett find the women a formidable challenge, but the real threat comes from the sinister Major Cardenas, who is overseeing Tronix's other project - a prototype nuclear-powered stealth tank. The stakes change when, instead of the car, the tank is stolen. A furious Major Cardenas locks Ed in a laser cage, and if Beckett and Ros don't recover the tank in time, the unshielded nuclear core on board will explode.
Episode cast overview:
Craig McLachlan Craig McLachlan - Ed Russell
Jaye Griffiths Jaye Griffiths - Roslyn 'Ros' Henderson
Jesse Birdsall Jesse Birdsall - Nicholas Beckett
Michael Feast Michael Feast - David O'Neill
Julie Graham Julie Graham - Sarita
Rachel Fielding Rachel Fielding - Davina
Martin McDougall Martin McDougall - Lacombe
John Michie John Michie - Paul Cray
Chris Aberdein Chris Aberdein - Major Cardenas
Rupert Bates Rupert Bates - Bob
Tim Poole Tim Poole - Floor Manager
Jack McKenzie Jack McKenzie - Host