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The Little Red Fish (2015) HD online

The Little Red Fish (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Animation
Original Title: The Little Red Fish
Director: Mojtaba Habibi
Released: 2015
Duration: 56min
Video type: Movie
A little red fish decides to visit the sea, right after he hears his grandmother's story, so that he could be a hero to all the little red fish. This is while he lives in a pool which is meant to breed red fish for the New Year. The little fish is then brought to the market and this starts a great adventure for him. The 'The Little Red Fish' narrates child labor story and the working children dreams and worries. The movie shows heroes in today's world regarding today's modern and complicated society and compares them to the traditional heroes. The movie is the story of those little fish that do not try to escape anymore, And calmly wait to be counted, Indifferent to be caught first, Or last.