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Princess Ella (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Romance
Original Title: Ella Enchanted
Director: Tommy O'Haver
Writers: Laurie Craig,Karen McCullah
Released: 2004
Budget: $35,000,000
Duration: 1h 36min
Video type: Movie
Based on Gail Carson Levine's award winning novel, this is the story of Ella, a young woman who was given a "gift" of obedience by a fairy named Lucinda. She must obey anything anyone tells her to do. When her mother passes away, she is cared for by her thoughtless and greedy father who remarries a loathsome woman with two treacherous daughters. This modern-day, fantasy Cinderella story features fairies, ogres and well as a hero in the guise of Prince Charmont, whom Ella falls in love with. Unlike Cinderella though, she must depend on herself and her intelligence to get her through her troubles and find Lucinda in order for her "curse" to be broken!


Cast overview, first billed only:
Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway - Ella
Hugh Dancy Hugh Dancy - Char
Cary Elwes Cary Elwes - Edgar
Aidan McArdle Aidan McArdle - Slannen (as Aidan Mcardle)
Joanna Lumley Joanna Lumley - Dame Olga
Lucy Punch Lucy Punch - Hattie
Jennifer Higham Jennifer Higham - Olive
Minnie Driver Minnie Driver - Mandy
Eric Idle Eric Idle - Narrator
Steve Coogan Steve Coogan - Heston (voice)
Jimi Mistry Jimi Mistry - Benny
Vivica A. Fox Vivica A. Fox - Lucinda
Parminder Nagra Parminder Nagra - Areida
Jim Carter Jim Carter - Nish
Patrick Bergin Patrick Bergin - Sir Peter

The first song Ella sings, "Somebody to Love" was not the original song choice. Tommy O'Haver had discovered that Anne Hathaway didn't have very good chemistry with their first choice, a more classical "fairy-tale" song. O'Haver and Hathaway were relaxing when she starting singing along and dancing to the song that was currently playing: Queen's "Somebody to Love". They both decided that "this was it".

Anne Hathaway sang her own songs in the movie.

During the fight scene with the ogres, a horse fell on stuntman Rob Inch, shattering his pelvis in thirty places.

Overcast skies in Ireland were digitized a brilliant blue to create more of a fairytale atmosphere.

The woman who appears during the ending number carrying Edgar in a cart, is Anne Hathaway's cousin Meridith.

The opening shot took about 6-7 months to create, it mixed live action and models.

The Hall of Mirrors scene was the most difficult to film due to the mirrors and the complexity of the camera angles.

Twin babies were used in filming, one that cried a lot, and one that was happy. The Ella Enchanted title was strategically placed over the babies' face to hide the switch.

The actors that portrayed the ogres, Jim Carter, Paraic Breathnach, and Daniel Naprous, were told that it would only take two hours to get into make-up and costume, when in fact, it took four to six hours.

Lamia, where Prince Char lives, is modeled after downtown Manhattan, with castles in place of skyscrapers, bridges, rivers and island topography. It is also named after the Greek myth of Lamia.

Edgar's portrait reads "Hubris, never humility". Char's reads "Valiant, never Vainglorious".

The tailor working on Char's cloak is an actual tailor in Dublin, Ireland.

When Benny teases Slannen for being frightened by a bunny, he mentions that "the last known case of a bunny attack was, well...never." Ironically, Eric Idle, who plays the narrator, is a part of comedy group Monty Python, whose film Monty Python ja Püha Graal (1975) features the deadly "Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog".

EASTER EGG: There are several faces hidden in the image throughout the movie. In order of appearance: 1. During the opening pan across the countryside, when you see the unicorn, the side of the wall where the branches are broken forms the silhouette of a face in profile. The broken part of the wall makes the forehead, nose, and mouth; the branches make the hair, eyebrow, and eye. 2&3. There are two hidden faces in the pages of the magic book when Mandy (Minnie Driver) first opens it. 4. When Prince Char and Ella see the giants working in the field, there's a face hidden in the hill on the left side. You can see it in the shot that starts on the guard towers and pans right to the field (the last shot of the giants). It might also be visible in the very first shot of the giants, but only in the wide-screen version. 5. When Ella is chained to the tree, there is a small face hidden in the middle of the tree in between the two outreached branches (that look like short arms). It can be very hard, if not impossible, to see on some copies of the film (especially if the print is kind of dark).

Tommy O'Haver affectionately called the Lamia Castle Guards his very own Stormtroopers, referencing Star Wars.

The scene where Char and Ella meet, was the first day of filming. Director Tommy O'Haver had them move, so that the waterfall could be seen in the background.

Originally, Heston was going to be a puppet, but Tommy O'Haver quickly realized that is wasn't going to work, and became a digital character.

DIRECTOR_CAMEO(Tommy O'Haver): Squirrel-on-a-stick vendor.

The Prince's name, "Charmant" is not only a play on words, it is the French word for "Charming".

Slannen mentions the Grimm Brothers. They were the first ones to write down the story of Cinderella, on which this movie is based.

After Ella kicks a Red Guard behind her, taking him out, rather swiftly, Ella's stepmother (Joanna Lumley) is appalled by the act. Joanna Lumley also played Purdy in The New Avengers (1976), and was known for her kickboxing fighting style.

The shoes that Ella has to steal in the mall scene, were really made of glass, there were two pairs made, and through filming, Anne Hathaway unfortunately broke both pairs.

There are several references to Cinderella - Ella gets a stepmother, and two nasty stepsisters. One of her stepsisters tells Ella to go home and clean the fireplace. Ella is made to steal glass shoes/slippers. Ella has a fairy godmother, who puts her in a gown for the ball. The stroke of midnight is significant. Another word for "Char" is "Cinder", when you combine the names it becomes "Cinder-Ella". This is actually because the original book by Gail Carson Levine, was supposed to be a spin on the Cinderella story. In the book, many of these connections are made much clearer. Also, Char's full name, Charmont, is actually supposed to be a play on the name Prince Charming.

Lucy Punch also plays the wicked stepsister, Lucinda, in Into the Woods (2014), but that time with Cinderella, rather than Ella.

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    Boy, I'm glad I saw this movie before reading the comments here. I found this film to be delightfully funny and sweet. sure it's utter predictable but so what? Yes, in the 'fractured fairy tale' department it's a far cry from the genius of Princess Bride or Shrek, but it's an entertaining enough 90 minutes. The effects are decent (they can't all be Lord of the Rings perfect) and I found myself laughing frequently.

    I'm certainly glad I was completely unaware that this was based on a book as most of the negative comments here seem to be from people who complain about changes. I can say, that not knowing the original, this story flowed just fine. Certainly, if one were to over-analyze the plot one could come up with innumerable ideas based on the idea 'if she must always obey, why doesn't this happen?' but that's not really the point here is it? it's a fairy tale for young girls. My partner's 18 year old little sister (who made me watch this as I never would have on my own) loved it, and I had to admit that I liked it enough to give it a thumbs up 7 out of 10 rating.
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    It seems that many, many commentators disliked this movie because it wasn't at all like the book. Fair enough, I suppose, but movies seldom are. In any case, I haven't read that book, and was blissfully unaware that this film was supposedly adapted from one. I found it surprisingly cute. Many of the campy things hit the mark, like the "medeival modern" anachronistic setting, reminiscent of The Flintstones cartoon wherein it was filled with modern things constructed from prehistoric materials; and the modern songs transposed to the time setting herein. That last was a bit like Moulin Rouge, which annoyed me at first, but then grew on me. I don't believe that I've seen this Anne Hathaway before, but she is intriguing. Her vivacity and wide smile remind me a bit of Julia Roberts. Can't say that I was much impressed with Hugh Dancy or Aiden McArdle. Minnie Driver was most charming as the incompetent fairy, and Vivica Fox was quite amusing as the lush fairy. It's too bad that Parminder Nagra's part was so small, as she always lights up a screen. And Cary Elwes couldn't hide his amusement with the material as he munched on the scenery. I say check this out, if you aren't going to throw a fit over the book.
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    I had so much fun watching this movie, a piece of light hearted fun that everyone can enjoy. *If* they remember the opening lines of the movie; this is a fairytale. And is therefore not to be taken seriously, it should be watched for the pure enjoyment of getting away from the daily humdrum.

    I have seen this movie twice and both times the audience was literally buoyed by the fun of the movie, though I must say the best parts and lines come from Uncle Edgar(a deliciously evil Cary Elwes) and Heston the snake(the slimy voice of Steve Coogan is wonderful). That is not to say that the two leads(Anne Hathaway and Hugh Dancy) are not bright and funny in their parts, they are. Only that the wonderful and memorable lines come mainly from the more evil characters.

    Joanna Lumley (as the evil Dame Olga) and Minnie Driver(one of her best yet, possibly only beaten by her surprisingly good turn in "Phantom of the Opera") are also great in their minor roles, providing colorful characters and not just filling in screen time. Aidan McArdle(Slannen the Elf) is wonderful comic relief each and every time he appears, as is Lucy Punch as the horrid Step-Sister and chief fan-girl(shudder). Eric Idle, Jeniffer Higham, Jimi Mistry and Parminder Nagra are also memorable, particularly Jimi as Benny, Eric as the Narrator and Parminder as Ella's best friend, though I think Parminder's talents are woefully under recognized in this film and I would love to see her in more main roles like in "Bend it like Beckham".

    But I digress.

    Hopefully those watching this movie will remember the fun it is supposed to be and not fall into the trap of over analyzing this piece of light-hearted happiness.
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    The story of young Ella who was given the gift of obedience is a very frustrating movie, it should be wild and charming and funny and the best thing since sliced bread, or if not sliced bread then The Princess Bride, but some how it doesn't quite work as whole.

    The cast is game, the special effects are good and the direction seems to be mostly on target, but somewhere along the way the movie decided to be too hip, too happening, too many things all at once. Its a comedy, fantasy, adventure, musical and a few other things all at the same time. It has timeless humor and humor that is in danger of dating very badly. It feels some times like a TV movie for kids and at other times something that should be on the big screen for everyone. It doesn't seem to know what it wants to be. Somehow I think that there were too many people with too many ideas (good ideas) but no one to say too much is a bad thing.

    I like this movie a lot, the pieces much more than the whole, but I can't help but wanting to beat up everyone involved in it because this should be so much better.

    Six out of ten. Wait for video.
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    I thoroughly enjoyed this film, it was clever, original and entertaining. The interesting opening scenes were great as they transported you to the fairytale world. I was very happy to see Eric Idle was the narrator and Anne Hathaway was brilliant and instantly likable as Ella, with Hugh Dancy the perfect handsome prince. The Elf (another familiar face- Dudley Moore in 'Not Only But Always') is wonderful as the sidekick. I also thought the story was very good, it was slightly predictable at first, but then there were some interesting twists, where I think the usual fairytale storyline was changed to great effect. The way the Fairytale land echoed aspects of home were amusing, with wooden escalators, taxi carriages… In a way, I liked it more than Shrek, because of the fact that it was less 'polished' and maybe more British. I would definitely recommend 'Ella Enchanted' to anyone who wants a fun and entertaining film.
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    I'm a Russian Occupant

    Given the recent success of fantasy movies, it was probably inevitable that "Ella Enchanted" would get its turn on the silver screen. Like "Harry Potter," Gail Carson Levine's delightful re-imagining of Cinderella has been popular with both readers and critics, and contains plenty of imagination and engaging characters. One only wishes it had translated to screen better.

    Levine comes up with a clever explanation for the reason why Ella (played in the film by Anne Hathaway) must slave for her horrid step-family: at her cradle, a well-meaning but rather dim fairy godmother (Vivica A. Fox) granted her the "gift" of obedience, forcing the poor girl to comply with any direct order regardless of how ridiculous or dangerous. Refusing to be resigned to her lot, Ella sets out to return the unwanted gift--and en route, find romance with Prince Charmont ("Char" for short, played by Hugh Dancy).

    Unfortunately, it is here that the similarities to the source material end. In the film, Ella comes off as far less resourceful and clever as she does in the book, and mostly seems to wind up getting into embarrassing or awkward situations through her enforced compliance. Which is a shame, because Hathaway is a vibrant and talented actress who could have easily imbued the character with more spunk had she been called on to do so. It doesn't help that the screenwriters have seen fit to muddy Ella's quest with a standard-issue villain in the form of Char's Claudius-esquire uncle (Cary Elwes, channeling the spirit of Prince Humperdink and accompanied by a very unconvincing CGI snake), and some business about the oppression of the kingdom's non-humans.

    Like "Shrek," "Ella Enchanted" takes the fractured fairy-tale route, throwing in sly references and anachronisms at every opportunity. Some of these work (I liked the man-powered escalator in the medieval mall), but more than a few fall flat (mostly Char's squealing fan club, who are perhaps too accurate in their annoying behavior). Hathaway and Dancy play it more or less straight, but everyone else camps it up grandly, especially Elwes. Unfortunately, both Fox and Minnie Driver as Ella's more sensible godmother feel miscast, and Parminder Nagra (the talented star of "Bend it Like Beckham") is virtually wasted as Ella's foreign-born friend.

    "Ella Enchanted" is nice enough to sit through--Hathaway's presence keeps things going, and there are enough nice visuals. But in a genre that in the past few years has seen "Harry Potter," "Lord of the Rings," and "Shrek"--with "A Series of Unfortunate Events" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" among the films on the horizon--it takes more than nice to distinguish oneself in the field.
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    Warning--if you have read the book, do not see the movie--you WILL become violently ill! O'Haver, the director, looked at the story (a beautiful, classic book by Gail Levine that everyone should read), and decided that he didn't like the current plot--so he made up a new one, and still had the gall to say that it was "based" on Levine's masterpiece of a book (kudos to "I, Robot" for actually being truthful and honest enough to say that the movie was "inspired" by the books--it's something for O'Haver to one day aspire to). He also made up new characters and changed the old characters to fit his new plot--Char's parents are dead, and there's a new evil uncle (Elwes) with a cheesy snake servant who is trying to kill Char and take over the crown--there's also a new elf friend of Ella's who wants to be a lawyer (can you say Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?), but is forced to only sing and dance by this new evil and tyrannical uncle created by O'Haver--ogres are also now not evil, but only "misunderstood"! And Ella's father is nice and caring, Mandy is no longer her caring, sensible fairy godmother, but a ditz and a magical klutz, and the wonderful old-fashioned world created by Levine has been warped and cheapened by the director so that it's a faux modern world (the modern costumes add to the cheap and fake look of the film). Overall, the movie bears little resemblance to the book in anything but the title and character names, and is the worst adaptation I have ever seen, as well as a silly and stupid movie in itself. Hathaway does indeed reprise her role in Princess Diaries (another terrible adaptation with changed character names, setting, roles, etc, though not as bad as this one)--to the extent that there's even a debate scene that mirrors the one in Princess almost exactly (forget finishing school--they have modern school in the movie!).

    In short, don't waste your money on this film--use the money instead to read Ella Enchanted--believe me, you'll get much better and higher quality entertainment this way, for a lesser cost!
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    Despite the fact that "Ella Enchanted" is a children's novel, I really enjoyed it. It was clever, entertaining, and impressively original for having been based on the age-old story of Cinderella.

    The movie is a lot better if you've never read the book.

    There are a ton of discrepancies between book and film. Now, I realize that whenever you translate a book to the big screen, some things are going to change, or be lost, or be added. I also realize that not all film adaptations can be Lord of the Rings. But for some reason, the makers of THIS film didn't seem to feel that Ella's original predicament -- receiving the "gift" of obedience as a baby which forced her to do anything anyone told her to do -- was enough for a movie. They swapped out Prince Charmont's very nice parents for an evil regent who tries to force Ella to clear his path to the crown, and added a few moderately amusing but altogether bizarre song-and- dance routines. Most of those scenes had me outright cringing. They also took away Ella's position as the protagonist-narrator and inserted an additional character to tell her story.

    That's not to say the movie is entirely without merit. The casting is excellent; Cary Elwes is a delicious villain, Eric Idle is a delight as the narrator, and Anne Hathaway sparkles as Ella. And I was pleased to see that the film does remain true to the source material's underlying message -- that in spite of whatever happens in your life, you have the power to make your own happy ending.

    All in all, it's a good film for the kids. But the book is better.
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    If you've ever read Ella Enchanted, you will be shocked that a movie studio couldso thoroughly ruin an excellent story. At it's heart, Ella Enchanted(the book), is a story of love, frustration, and other human emotions.Although you may find yourself smiling at times, it is more of a romantic/angsty fairytale than a comedic fairytale, complete with one graying fairy godmother, two banister-sliding protagonists, and three masque balls (excluding Sir Peter's and Dame Olga's wedding reception). What Ella Enchanted does NOT contain is an evil talking snake. When Ella finally is able to find the strength to save not only herself, but Char and the entire kingdom, you are so happy for her that, chances are, you cry. As a matter of fact, I would say I cried more than I laughed reading this book.

    Watching the movie, I was speechless. It was extremely tacky and went for cheap, easy laughs. At best I can call it a poor imitation of Shrek, except that would be an insult to the highly entertaining Shrek. There is no place in Ella Enchanted for an evil royal uncle and his talking serpent, and definitely no place for a singing Ella, or a dancing cast. (Nor a screaming fan club!). The well-developed character of Areida, which I'm sure Parminder Nagra could have played well, was cut down to a mere cameo.

    This movie lacked human emotion. Ella was not nearly as frustrated as any normal person would be at her curse. (Hello? She breaks out in song and dance!) Don't get me started on the range of emotions Areida could have covered. And of course Hattie is way too obnoxious and not nearly as manipulative (read: not obviously annoying, but cruel) as she could have been. If it were one actor's performance I would call it poor acting. In this case, I would have to lay my blame almost entirely on the director and screenwriters. With such promising material, they managed to create an hour and a half of rubbish.

    Even the movie's visuals gave it a much more modern feel, with colors too vibrant for any over the age of 4. Half the time I felt like I was watching the Teletubbies. I would say the maximum age that these cheap laughs could amuse is 8 years old.

    I read the book when I was probably around 10 or so, and have read it innumerable times since then. It truly appeals to all ages, because, unlike its movie version, it deals with true emotions, not cheap humor and anachronisms, which, honestly, do not add to the story.

    In short, forget the movie, read the book!
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    This movie was gifted with a spell of fairy tale which was likable. From the beginning Ella Enchanted was good – and all thanks to the beautiful Anne Hathaway who seemingly sparkled. Great work of escapism, such that though it's stupidity can be considered, it is shadowed by its modernism and it's attempt to drive the audience into attention by it's sarcastic humor present at certain desirable instances. Anne Hathaway stole the show – there seemed to possess an invisible halo on her making her the most preferable Ella. However I did ruminate over the fact that is that all Anne Hathaway can play- this character had almost cloning gestures as her character of Mia in The Princess Diaires – so is that how much her talent can expand? Well as for the other cast member - There was a casting perfection as taking into consideration Cary Elwes, Minnie Driver and Vivica Fox, all were matched perfectly to their designated roles. In conclusion I would not suggest this movie to grown ups- as they would certainly NOT enjoy this step out of reality – however this would be a great movie for kids and may be pre teenagers and if you are an Anne Hathaway fan like me – well than don't miss this.
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    Ella Enchanted, starring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy, Minnie Driver, and Eric Idle, is a contemporary epic fairy tale, sitting on the top shelf with such classics as The Wizard of Oz, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

    A deeply telling and romantic tale, set in the land of magic, with many important messages, ranging from personal freedom, self empowerment, truth, and equality, to the simple pleasures that create the beautiful contrast of fairy tales, humor, song, beauty, friendship.

    A family movie, Ella Enchanted will be enjoyed by adults and children, and is sure to bring a warmth to your heart.

    Anne Hathaway steals your heart with her charm, personality, and ability to carry the movie no matter where it leads, with great beauty and skill. The supporting roles are cute, witty, and fill out the movie in all the right places.

    This is one for the vaults, and the DVD collection.
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    Ella Enchanted is a charming film that's good for the whole family. In this storybook fairy tale gone wrong, Anne Hathaway plays Ella, a girl given the magical gift of "obedience" by her fairy godmother at birth which turns into a curse because she can't refuse any command, even from those who abuse this fact. To try to regain control of her life, Ella goes on a quest to get the "gift" removed, meeting ogres and giants and a dreamy prince (Hugh Dancy) along the way. The plot sounds stupid but the movie is a lot better then I expected it to be. Its hard to take the film serious at some points though and sometimes its not exactly clear what the plot is. I have never read the book so I can't compare but my friend said that they change a lot of things. The cast, for the most part, is pretty good with the best being Anne Hathaway but she needs to start picking different roles to avoid being a typecast. I thought the acting from Hugh Dancy was horrible and it would have been better if they would have gone with someone else. Vivica A. Fox, Cary Elwes and Minnie Driver all have small roles and all do good job. The film is of course cheesy at some parts and all the gimmickry can become annoying after awhile. The film is pretty predictable but that shouldn't turn you away .The film is only 96 minutes long so it isn't a real punishment to watch the film. There are some things about the movie that didn't make sense and there are also a lot of pointless characters that could have been used without. In the end I think kids will really like Ella Enchanted Rating 7/10 if you have never read the book then you have a better chance of enjoying it. However, if you have read the book then you will probably hate it {like my friend did} because they change a lot.
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    Ella Enchanted (2004) Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy, Cary Elwes, Minnie Driver, Vivica A. Fox, Joanna Lumley, Patrick Bergin, Jimi Mistry, Eric Idle, Parminder K. Nagra, D: Tommy O' Haver. Fresh, revisionist twist on the Cinderella fairy tale: a young maiden tries unlocking an obedience curse, which her godmother cast upon her as a baby. This means, she's forced to do anything anyone commands her to do. Delightful fable has all the old-fashioned ingredients from the storybook (evil uncle, wicked stepsisters, etc.), but lively pop-songs, goofy humor, and a nice nod to the Grimm Brothers give it a hip kick, though the fantasy effects look only half-hearted at best. Headed by a wonderful cast, Hathaway is an utter joy. Pleasant family fare will take adults back to their youth and kids will live happily ever after. Based on the Gail Carson Levine book. Running Time: 96 minutes and rated PG for mild violence. ***
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    If you are seeing this movie because of the book with which it shares its title (and not much else), spare yourself.

    Had this been an original film, not based on anything, I might have enjoyed it somewhat as a bit of silly fun. But it continually advertised its self as a film translation of a book that is near and dear to my heart, a book which I had been longing to see made into a well-done film.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to being a translation of the book, the movie is pure garbage. They've taken the most basic premise of the plot, the names of the characters (in most cases, ONLY the names), and discarded just about everything else. The characters are, for the most part, shallow reflections of themselves (if they're even recognizable at all), and the plot has become silly, cheesy, and full of pointless and totally unnecessary pop-culture references. Gone are the interesting and well developed character interactions, and Ella's curse, which in the book was a constant source of true emotional and physical discomfort, is, with the exception of its use as a catalyst in the end of the film, mainly exploited as comic relief. This was a story that would have made a wonderful movie on it's own merits. It didn't need to be put through the MTV Hollywood wringer.

    And no matter what anyone says... you can't call something "Ella Enchanted" if it has no stair rail.
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    I say, not bad. Wonderful cast, so-so funny and incredibly catchy songs. It never appear to me that Anne Hathaway will be doing a musical movie but this looks good on her. I am just wondering whether she really sings that or is it just she mouthing the words. She looks gorgeous, no doubt. The kingdom looks so old and ancient, yet the minds of the villagers can be so modern, like do you think there would be girls cheering and holding 'I LOVE YOU, PRINCE CHARS' board back in the olden days? No, right? It would have been better if it happened in a modern and civilized world but I believe there wouldn't be any elves and giants and fairies then, would they? I was just thinking how good the Prince will look with his hair spiked up, tuxedos and guards and Merz instead of those kingly suits filled with metals and swords.
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    All though this was a movie that was fairly predictable, there was enough changes to the same ole same ole to make it enjoyable. It reminded me a lot of "Ever After" with Drew Barrymore, at least it seemed like a similar plot line. Then again, why wouldn't it, it's based on the Cinderella story. I find myself humming the familiar classic tunes from the movie.

    Joanna Lumley was her usual wonderful in the film, her part was a bit small for such an important character. I guess if she had more of a role in it, she would have stolen it! I really liked how the daughter (Judy Punch?) imitated Joanna Lumley's character. For a second or two I thought they might be real life mother and daughter.

    The real highlight for me was Anne Hathaway's singing. She's got some real vocal talent IMO!! We bought the soundtrack from the movie, it's really good but I like the movie versions of the songs a little bit more. Nothing like having giants for back up singers, eh??
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    This is the first time I've felt compelled to write a movie review. But "Ella Enchanted" was my favorite childhood book, and this movie completely butchered it.

    As a stand alone movie, it's a mediocre, predictable Shrek rip-off. But as a book adaptation, it's a travesty. The only similarities between the book and this movie are the characters' names. The plot has been twisted into an unrecognizable mess with the name "Ella Enchanted" slapped onto it. Whereas the book was truly funny, heartbreaking, imaginative, and magical, the movie relies on cheap, tacky slapstick humor and sentimentality. Why, why, WHY, did they discard the wonderful ideas in the book (sliding down stair rails, the Cinderella parallels) and add inane ideas instead (like the evil uncle and annoying singing and dancing routines)?

    There have been some truly good, faithful to the book adaptations (the BBC's "Pride and Prejudice" is one example). This doesn't come close. Please, don't bother watching this movie. Read the Newbery Honor Award winning book instead. It's actually worth your time.
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    SPOILERS Fairy tales help us feel good about life. Often changed beyond belief from their original style (just look at Disney's alterations to multiple different classics), they make you smile and forget the real world for a while. It's particularly inappropriate then for Eric Idle's narrator to literally tell you to get back to reality. Telling the story of 'Ella Enchanted', Idle is just one of many flaws with this predictable and vomit inducing film. Possessing few moments of true pleasure, the story is average and feels incredibly amateur. Badly shot, often badly acted (a shock considering some of the names on the cast sheet) and always awkward, you do wonder why you finish with a smile on your face.

    As a baby, Ella (Anne Hathaway) is given a particularly awful present by a self absorbed fairy (Vivica A Fox). Unable to turn down a request, Ella finds that everything in her life revolves around doing the commands of others. Increasingly frustrated by two awful step sisters (Lucy Punch and Jennifer Higham) and their demands, Ella decides to put an end to this once and for all. Setting off to find the fairy, Ella's adventures are just beginning.

    This is the first time that this particular viewer has seen Anne Hathaway perform on screen (having avoided 'The Princess Diaries') and it's not difficult to see why many like her. The perfect Hollywood starlet with a wide smile and an almost constant air of 'cute', Hathaway is yet another of these up and coming beautiful women. It's a shame therefore that she's also an awful actress. Doing the typical blowing the hair in a 'oh no' sort of way every time she is ordered to do something, Hathaway's style is hardly the most diverse. At the same time though, she's hardly given a helping hand by her supporting cast and a dreadful story.

    To possess a cast including Eric Idle, Jimi Mistry, Jim Carter, Cary Elwes and Joanna Lumley, you'd expect some better performances. Whilst Carter and Lumley are blatantly out for a laugh and seem to enjoy themselves, others including Elwes and Idle are truly dreadful. Singing everything in rhyme, Idle really should view this as a mistake to remove from his c.v. He strolls around in different outfits and he never looks comfortable. It's almost like the poor man is using the film as a vehicle to show himself to a younger audience. Bad choice there Eric, you're doing yourself no favours with this film.

    Predictable from the outset, a sick bucket is a useful companion if you want to watch this. The worst part about this is that these moments often occur just when you've witnessed a rare funny moment or a decent satire of society. For example, one minute you get Hathaway telling Hugh Dancy's Prince Char (obviously changed to make him look more hip and to avoid any references to the current British monarchy) that he has a responsibility to do particular actions for the good of his kingdom, and then the next you find her singing and dancing for what feels like an eternity. It's just so dumb and pointless.

    Without trying to really destroy the whole fairy tale aspect of the story, let's just point out that you just know that there will be a porn equivalent out of this film within a short space of time. Here's a cute girl who does whatever she's told, and yet with the exception of one moment when Cary Elwes tells her to touch her toes and he stands behind her grinning, you never sense any sort of sexuality about it. There would be teenage boys pointing this out and making countless rude comments, although lets be honest, most are probably out having a better time than watching this garbage.

    Another problem, and the final real criticism (promise) of this film, is that more often than not, it feels like it has actually been filmed and put together by a bunch of toddlers. Obscure camera zoom modes (feeling stolen from an Alanis Morrisette video), weird use of colours, woeful soundtrack, the entire film just feels incredibly amateur in design and completion. This is one of Tommy O'Haver's few films and true-fully it feels like it. The man has screwed up major with this shambles and the sooner Hollywood stops offering him work, the better.

    It's perhaps fitting to make a nod at the films aims and the horrifying fact that on one front, they succeeded with honours. This, for all intense purposes, is an awful, awful creation. Rarely entertaining, vomit inducing and badly made, it really should feature on any persons 'most hated' list. That is, except that for whatever evil reason, you DO find yourself smiling at the end. You know you shouldn't, and by all the laws of the universe, it should be an impossibility, so how does this happen? It's tough to explain really. Perhaps deep down, we all just like to see mindless dross with a happy ending. From an analytical point of view, as viewers you should finish the film wanting to put all those who made it on trial for crimes against humanity, so please stop smiling.

    'Ella Enchanted' is a dire waste of time. Badly acted, badly written, badly films, vomit inducing and mindless drivel, the film has very little going for it. For some reason though, and against all natural law, you can't help but smiling after it. You probably should be locked in a mental institution for that fact, but sadly the doctors were smiling too.
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    I highly anticipated this movie's release, as Ella Enchanted has been one of my favorite books since I first read it about 10 years ago. It's a great story, a twist on the Cinderella story that's sweet, funny, interesting, and engaging to both younger readers (as I was when I first read it) and to older ones (I'm in college now, and I still love it). That said, this COULD have been a really fantastic movie--there was a lot of potential. I've seen the movie once, and it was more than enough. I watched it with increasing horror as the original story was ripped to shreds by a producer/director/creative team/WHATEVER who clearly did NOT read the book or even get what the story was supposed to be about. They turned it into some fantasy-feminist-musical disgrace. The whole movie is simply a joke, and to cap it off they have a god-awful song and dance sequence at the end involving Elton John, Kiki Dee, Anne Hathaway in white go-go boots and a miniskirt (singing dreadfully, I might add), and knights and ogres dancing and leaping across the screen.

    If I read another parent review about this being some fantastic movie, a classic for children, I'll flip. Putting the raping of the book's plot aside, the movie itself wasn't even GOOD. It was horrible and ridiculous.
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    I am an Ella Enchanted book fan. I think that the book was a great read for people of all ages. When i first heard that a movie was going to come out i was excited because i had always thought it would make a great movie. That excitement soon faded away once i saw the preview then the actual movie. The director did a horrible job in turning the book into a movie. The whole story line was practically changed and the whole trying to make the book more modern was a horrible idea. Not only did the book change the story line but it also changed the mood and tone of the whole idea. The movie was so bad that even if i had not read the book and only watched the movie I would have thought the worst of it also.
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    Ella Enchanted is got to be the worst movie based from a book I've seen so far. I've read and loved the book so much!!! Which was written by Gail Carson Levine. I was excited at first to hear it would be made into a movie but was really disappointed to see it had strayed from the original book plot by very much. Especially the setting, it was quite cheesy and corny how they try to make fun of fairy tale genre. It was stupid how they put some Modernized elements in there.

    As i sat there watching this horrible movie, i was wondering why Gail C. Levine allowed them to wander away from the original book plot and setting, to allow such a wonderful book be "frankensteined" into this horrible movie.

    I laughed hard when i heard from an interview with Hugh Dancy (who plays Prince Char)when he said "...and make it into a better, more modernize version." More like a horrible.

    But i guess it was aimed towards younger children, begin 14 i find this was quite silly and corny.

    If the movie writers/director had not strayed from the book plot/time setting, then i bet it would of been a better film at least.

    I give this a 1/10.
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    This movie is based on an award winning book by Gail Carson Levine. This movie completely ruins the book. I like the casting for the step family and for Ella and prince Char, but everyone else falls flat in comparison to the characters described in the book. Some of the movie characters aren't even in the book or are only mentioned in the book but given big roles in the movie. The plot is also radically changed, and while the book is to long and has to much to put all of it in the movie, not all of the changes were for the best. The movie comes off trying to be Shrek, when the book itself has a tone more like the Lord of the Rings books or the Chronicles of Narnia books. The writing is sloppy and childish, and by changing some of the key characters like Mandy and Lucinda the movie loses some of the impact that made the book great. The movie has some good parts, but overall it's not worth watching unless you're young and can't yet read. Go read the book, it's a million times better. 1 out of 10. Awful
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    When I first spotted that movie on HBO. I saw only few minutes of it and it looked like a really great movie. When I saw the whole thing for the whole thing for the first time. I really enjoyed it. I thought that Anne Hathaway did really good playing that character. Hugh Dancy did a great job playing the prince. Cary Elwes did a good job too. All other people who worked on that movie. Did a great job and also worked really hard. This movie is worth watching it has a lot of things. Like elves,ogres,giants and more. It has really good music too. It is a kind of movie I will be watching a again and again. It is a kind of movie that whole family will enjoy.
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    Scream_I LOVE YOU

    I saw this film recently, and contrary to what I expected, it was really good. I went to the premiere, expecting it to be a babyish film, when in fact it was for all ages. I think Anne Hathaway should step away from her more stereotypical fairytale movies (i.e. Ella Enchanted, The Princess Diaries) because they're getting old. I think that Lucy Punch's character was far too annoying for me to like this film a lot, but I thought Jennifer Higham's character was really sweet (Well, as sweet as an "ugly sister" could be.) As usual with her performances, I thought Joanna Lumley was hilarious. Two other strong performances in this film were Minnie Driver and Hugh Dancy. Minnie Driver, in particular, was brilliant. However, I do think they could have picked a more attractive person to play Char.

    The scenery and set and general plot of the whole movie was good though, and I may invest in the book version to see how much has been changed.

    All in all, I do think there are things that this film could have done that would make it better, including better casting.
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    i have read the book version of Ella Enchanted and it still remains to be one of my favorites. It's magically without being babyish and with just the right amount of humor, wit, and romance. So naturally i went to see the movie version with high hopes. What i got, ahem was singing. the movie brought me to tears with it's butchering of a great story, with its needs to make the story more modern. It's disloyalty to the book made the story seem just silly and without purpose. that's not to say i thought the actors were bad. not true, most of the them were in fact charming and of course nicely played. To those who haven't the book, the movie is simply put, just nice. To those who have, it falls flat.