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Perry Mason The Case of the Buried Clock (1957–1966) HD online

Perry Mason The Case of the Buried Clock (1957–1966) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Original Title: The Case of the Buried Clock
Director: William D. Russell
Writers: Francis M. Cockrell,Erle Stanley Gardner
Released: 1957–1966
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
While his father-in-law Dr. Blane who is chairman of the bank board talks with a bank officer, Jack Hardisty working at the bank calmly steals $100,000 in cash from the bank vault as he closes up and leaves the bank. He is to join his wife and Dr. Blane at his summer house for supper but is late. After he arrives, he has a chat with Dr. Blane which turns into a loud argument. Jack confesses he took the money and with bank examiners coming next week he would like Dr. Blane to help payback the money that he spent on gambling. Dr. Blane calls Perry to get Paul Drake to help investigate. Perry and Della will also visit Dr. Blane that evening to help. Paul's man lost Jack's trail so Paul goes to Jack's house where he finds Dr. Blane searching the house and Jack shot dead. They then call the Sheriff. The murder weapon turns out to be a pistol a neighbor loaned to Dr. Blane as well as Jack and Sue but was missing from Dr. Blane's car. Sue is having an affair with the neighbor Philip Strague....
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Raymond Burr Raymond Burr - Perry Mason
Barbara Hale Barbara Hale - Della Street
William Hopper William Hopper - Paul Drake
William Talman William Talman - Hamilton Burger (credit only)
Ray Collins Ray Collins - Police Lt. Arthur Tragg (credit only)
Don Beddoe Don Beddoe - Dr. Blane
Fredd Wayne Fredd Wayne - Jack Hardisty
June Dayton June Dayton - Sue Hardisty
Jeanne Bates Jeanne Bates - Jean Strague
Paul Fix Paul Fix - District Attorney Hale
Charles Cooper Charles Cooper - Philip Strague
Robert Foulk Robert Foulk - Sheriff Bert Elmore
Robin Hughes Robin Hughes - Rodney Beaton
Howard Wendell Howard Wendell - A. J. Randall
Harry Tyler Harry Tyler - Court Clerk

Days before filming, Paul Fix learned that he had been cast in a ABC western 'The Rifleman' and filming was starting about the same time as this show. Arthur Gardner, one of the producers of 'The Rifleman', let Fix fulfill his obligation before appearing in the new show.

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    Skunk Black

    The ending of this episode is rather confusing. It involves a flash of a camera that was rigged at a different time than a witness stated he saw the flash. From the testimony, I was confused about how many flashes went off and how the rig was set up without being spotted by a person that claimed to be an experience tracker. It was a nice story if you are able to bypass a near unbelievable series of events.

    The story involves a real cad named Jack Hardisty that steals about a hundred grand from a bank where his father-in-law, Dr. Blane, got him a job. He even brags to Dr Blane about the theft knowing that the fine doctor would not want any scandal to follow his daughter, Sue.

    Dr Blane contacts Perry about being blackmailed by Jack and Perry agrees to make the trip outside LA to Sierra City to check on things. But when he arrives, Jack Hardisty has been killed and all the evidence is pointing to Dr. Blane as the murderer. Instead of blackmail, Perry will be defending Dr Blane for murder in a courtroom outside the usual setting.

    A suspect will emerge as Perry reveals some suspicious facts about a witness right near the end of the show. Perry, with little if any evidence, will rig a camera that sets the courtroom ablaze when Perry gets the finger pointed at another person. The entire circumstance seemed forced and improbable but it ended the show within the required minutes and provides us with something to remember.

    Note- this episode does contain one of my favorite Judges in the series. Jamie Forster plays the residing Judge in his usual country manner. He makes about four appearance as Judge through the run.
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    This Perry Mason episode derives its title from the fact that a clock is used to set up an alibi. Just one of those old mechanical windup clocks that you rarely see today. It means the murder as planned could not be done today.

    Fredd Wayne is the no account husband of June Dayton and he's just embezzled over $100,000.00 dollars from the bank he works at and where his father-in-law got him a job. It's the father-in-law Don Beddoe who brings in first Perry Mason and then Paul Drake to get to the bottom of the story and avoid a scandal.

    But when Wayne turns up dead, it's Beddoe in the jackpot and who needs Perry Mason. Of course Perry unravels the the prosecution's case and the real perpetrator discovered.

    Paul Fix made one of five appearances as an alternative prosecutor to William Talman. Perry's not in the jurisdiction on this case of Los Angeles county and Hamilton Burger. Of course Fix has no more success than Talman ever did.

    I'm not sure this trick would actually have worked in real life in any event. You'll have to watch the episode to see what I mean.
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    This is one of the many episodes that were adapted from one of Gardner's Perry Mason novels, the Case of the Buried Clock. That is actually one of the my favorite Mason novels. It is quite complex, involving more characters and situations than could be put into a fifty minute TV program. A lot of compression and abridging was done by the writers of the TV episode -- so much that it ends up being unbelievable.

    There are holes in the plot. The clock is introduced very late, unlike in the book. It's not explained how Perry found the clock. It's not explained why Beaton didn't discover what was going on.

    Read the book!
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    This episode had one beautiful actress: Barbara. It had some cool Edsels, and Mercurys - styling from the space age; even if they were four-door models. Also, a beautiful button (either dark brown or black), tufted armchair in Doc's study. It had the normal, doomed dirtbag, who, in this case was really happy about it; a creep who knew he had something he could turn the screws with. He turned up (of course) delightfully dead.

    All the other stuff was good. Della has a little more meat in her role, and a very funny last line. What I thought was cool was the fact that I thought it was gonna be the beatnik photographer; sweet trickery, as always. By the way, the beatnik photographer (Beaton) also played the beatnik writer in another Perry Mason "The Green Eyed Sister". I KNEW he looked familiar. Terrific actor; plays great dirtbags.

    Also, as always, the acting was superb. It is a real pleasure to watch actors and actresses who are total professionals show us what acting is all about.
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    ***SPOILERS*** Top defense attorney Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, uses he photographic, I didn't know you were into taking pictures Perry?,more then his courtroom skills to crack this baffling case that his client Dr. Blane, Don Beddoe, was framed for.

    It's Dr. Blane's bank who's he's the bank president of that was embezzled by his useless and good for nothing son in law Jack Hardisty, Fredd Wayne, of $100,000.00. You see Jack likes to play the horses but as it turns out with most horse players the horses were playing him instead. Promising to come clean and return what was left of the money he embezzled, $75,000.00, with Dr. Blain footing the rest Jack is later found dead in his house by Dr. Blain from a gunshot wound. What's even worse for the good doctor and bank president is that the murder weapon belonged to him. A fact that Dr. Blain held from the local police!

    With Perry Mason defending Dr. Blain he gets an unexpected alley in the case nature photographer Rodney Beaton,Robin Hoghes, who set up his camera to take night shots of the wild life in the area. With his client headed for a murder conviction Perry soon realizes that one of Beaton's photos, that he used with a trip wire, the evening that Jack Hardisty was murdered is critical in proving his client Dr. Blaine innocent! It turned out that Hardisty's murderer killed him for the stolen $75,000.00 he had secretary hidden but murdered him before Hardisty could tell him where he hid it!

    ****SPOILERS**** It's Perry who set up the camera and the trip wire in the courtroom to trip Hardisty's killer on the witness stand in exposing himself. Not realizing what exactly Perry was planning for him the killer walked right into the trap he set for him. And not only trapped the killer but his accomplice as well who at the very last moment chickened out and fingered him as Hardisty's killer! That even before the camera, attached to a rewind alarm clock, snapped a flash photo of him!