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Thuis Episode #13.78 (1995– ) HD online

Thuis Episode #13.78 (1995– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Drama / Comedy
Original Title: Episode #13.78
Director: Pieter Raes
Writers: Marinelle De Winne,Annette Duchateau
Released: 1995–
Duration: 25min
Video type: TV Episode
Marie doesn't trust Leontien on her own and takes her keys from her when she's asleep and takes Lowie to school. When Leontien wakes up she wants to go out, but the door is closed and she can't find her keys. She totally panics. Simonne tells Aisha that it's over between her and Mo. Aisha goes to Ter Smissen to her father and tries to comfort her. He feels hurt, empty and betrayed. Simonne phones Youssef and tells him that Aisha is very upset. Femke also hears this and thinks Aisha is a drama queen. Mo and Simonne split up, so what? Youssef understands Aisha, but Femke thinks Aisha is exaggerating just to get to him. Mo tells Marie he wants to take up all his days to have a bit of time to himself. At the office he sees Frank and Simonne. He doesn't think twice and hits Frank hard exactly on the nose. Ann is scared that Marianne interferes too much between Geert and Sandrine and that Sandrine will be hurt again. But Sandrine really would like to know more about her grandparents. When ...
Episode credited cast:
Maya Albert Maya Albert - Aisha Fawzi
Chris Boni Chris Boni - Yvette Backx
Tineke Caels Tineke Caels - Dorien De Backer
Ronny Daelman Ronny Daelman - Sam Bastiaens
Karolien de Beck Karolien de Beck - Sandrine Verbeelen
Kurt Defrancq Kurt Defrancq - Eric Bastiaens
Noureddine Farihi Noureddine Farihi - Mo Fawzi
Pol Goossen Pol Goossen - Frank Bomans
Steph Goossens Steph Goossens - Cois Pelkmans
Marijke Hofkens Marijke Hofkens - Leontien Bomans-Vercammen
Marleen Merckx Marleen Merckx - Simonne Bomans-Backx
Ann Pira Ann Pira - Nancy De Grote
Peter Rouffaer Peter Rouffaer - Geert Smeekens
Annick Segal Annick Segal - Rosa Verbeeck
Joris Stesses Joris Stesses - Steven