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Language: English
Category: TV Series
Original Title: Off the Planet
Video type: TV Series
Credited cast:
Nick Eynon Nick Eynon

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    This is what happens when New Zealand's TV3 try to make a new TV show. It lasted for a whole week at it's 7pm time slot before being removed, due to it being so utterly terrible.

    It was hyped up and hyped up as being great, but viewers were confronted with this awful sight of Nick Eynon and an obnoxious green alien called Razzo, who did nothing but crack unfunny remarks.

    TV3 (who created this monstrousity) tryed to create a family game show starring a familiar face (albelt one that has been destroyed numourous times by Havoc and Newsboy) and a quirky character (did they learn nothing from "What Now?"'s Vernon?), but ended up creating one of the worst TV shows ever to be displayed on our screens.

    Bound to be a cult hit years from now :)