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El ser (1982) HD online

El ser (1982) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror
Original Title: El ser
Director: Stefano D'Arbo,Sebastián D'Arbó
Writers: Stefano D'Arbo,Sebastián D'Arbó
Released: 1982
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
A woman recovering from the death of her husband suspects that her house has been invaded by demonic spirits. She summons a paranormal expert to help her get rid of them.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Sebastián D'Arbó Sebastián D'Arbó - Himself (as Prof.- D'Arbó)
Mary Saint Peter Mary Saint Peter - Mary Sercovitz
Ramsey Oliver Ramsey Oliver
Mercedes Sampietro Mercedes Sampietro - Eva
Nelson Mentley Nelson Mentley
Ramiro Oliveros Ramiro Oliveros - Jaime
Narciso Ibáñez Menta Narciso Ibáñez Menta - Doctor Oliver
Daniel Arbones Daniel Arbones - Álex
Giordina Reinón Giordina Reinón - Miriam
Asunción Vitoria Asunción Vitoria - Rita
Jordi Serrat Jordi Serrat - Jorge
Rafael Anglada Rafael Anglada - Alberto
Alfred Lucchetti Alfred Lucchetti - Doctor Paradís (as Alfred Luchetti)
Josep Maria Angelat Josep Maria Angelat - Doctor Atomicsa (as José Mª Angelat)
Víctor Israel Víctor Israel - Sepulturero

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    PSYCHOPHOBIA is a weird, offbeat haunted house effort from Spain that relies a lot on the likes of THE ENTITY and THE EXORCIST for effect. A middle-aged housewife loses her husband in a car accident and then begins to suspect that some unwelcome spirits have moved into her home. Driven out of her mind by fear, she calls in a paranormal expert to help rid her of the ghoulish presence. I should say that this is a very cheap production that simply doesn't have the money to tell its story convincingly, although there are one or two low-fi SFX scenes. The acting verges on the histrionic but there are some creepy moments along the way, although this isn't as good as the films that it's influenced by.
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    After having a prophetic nightmare, Mary Sercovitz (Mary Saint Peter) loses her husband in an accident. When her husband's company is unwilling to pay for his tragic demise, Mary fears that she and her children may lose their home. Unfortunately, this isn't the only fear in store for Mary. She soon begins hearing strange noises, and the kids have apparently been talking to a mysterious man. Horror and death commence. Is the house haunted? Possessed? Mary is aided by parapsychologist, Professor D'Arbo (Sebastian D'Arbo) and his team, in her attempt to solve her supernatural problem. PSYCHOPHOBIA (aka: EL SER) is a rather tedious affair, relying more on D'Arbo's mumbo jumbo and Mary's annoying children going bananas, than on anything truly frightening taking place. Even the killings are lackluster! It all drags on until the "big finale", which amounts to a long-distance call from the great beyond, accentuated by an exploding head and a brief spiritual battle in the living room. Basically, the ending is okay, but hardly worth the slog to get there...