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Good Times The Windfall (1974–1979) HD online

Good Times The Windfall (1974–1979) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy
Original Title: The Windfall
Director: Herbert Kenwith
Writers: Eric Monte,Mike Evans
Released: 1974–1979
Duration: 25min
Video type: TV Episode
James comes across a bag containing a claimed $27,000 in stolen money and turns it into the police. The Evanses are quickly hassled by ghetto neighbors, strangers and people they thought were their friends about James' good deed. However that's nothing compared to Florida's reaction when James reveals that the bag actually contained $29,000, and that he kept $2,000 to help his family get out of the slums once and for all.
Episode cast overview:
Esther Rolle Esther Rolle - Florida Evans
John Amos John Amos - James Evans, Sr.
Ja'net DuBois Ja'net DuBois - Willona Woods (as Ja'net Du Bois)
Ralph Carter Ralph Carter - Michael Evans
Jimmie Walker Jimmie Walker - James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.
BernNadette Stanis BernNadette Stanis - Thelma Evans (as Bernnadette Stanis)
Alvin Childress Alvin Childress - Reverend Gordon
David Lewis David Lewis - Mr. Borgen
Willie Trotter Willie Trotter - First Guy
Walter Pittman Walter Pittman - Second Guy (as Walter Pittman Jr.)

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    "The Windfall" opens with the Evans family excited about watching father James on television, the newspapers carrying the story of how he found and returned $27,000 from Borgen's grocery store holdup. JJ would have walked into the bank with a story of a late uncle who kicked the bucket! The 'portrait of an honest man' receives a plaque from Borgen's, along with a generous reward, $50 in free groceries! Obscene phone calls from people with an ax to grind make James so angry that he reveals that the actual total was $29,000, pocketing $2000 before returning the rest. Florida insists that what he did was a crime: "well now I just have to ask for a pardon!" Willona offers her support, not for stealing but for 'sticking it into the dudes that stuck it into James!' Reverend Gordon (Alvin Childress) drops by for 'his cut for the church,' making a typical assumption about the reward: "I see the Lord has been good to you" "yeah, he helped one who helped himself!" To this day audiences remain divided about what to do in the same situation, with television pioneer Alvin Childress remembered as cab driving Amos Jones on the 50s version of AMOS'n'ANDY.