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Juan and Juanita (1912) HD online

Juan and Juanita (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Western
Original Title: Juan and Juanita
Director: Wilbert Melville
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
Juanita moves to Saltillo, and Juan follows her to find work and make a home for her. Work is scarce, and Juanita's mother has no use for a penniless peon. Luckily, Juan strikes a job. Tony, Tom Darby's fireman on the drill engine, has just been discharged for knifing Darby, and Juan is hired to take his place. The new job makes a new man of the peon. It also brings him into favor with Juanita's mother, who allows Juan to take Juanita for a walk. They pass a consignment of gold en route from the mine to the express office. Juan returns to work, but not for long. The Division Master has stolen the gold consignment, held up the station on the road, and the order includes Juan. So he is out of a job, and when Juanita's mother hears the news, he is out of a sweetheart also. He goes to the depot next morning, hoping to find the order canceled. Instead, he finds the station agent lying on the platform badly wounded, and the drill engine vanishing in the distance. Tony has stolen the gold ...
Cast overview:
Edwin Carewe Edwin Carewe - Juan
Edna Payne Edna Payne - Juanita
Earl Metcalfe Earl Metcalfe - Secondary Role

A copy of this film survives at the Nederlands Filmmuseum in Amsterdam.

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    Poor Mexican Edwin Carewe wants to marry Edna Payne. Her mother insists that her daughter will only marry a man with some money in his pocket, so Carewe gets a job on the railroad. When bandits attack a train carrying a big payroll, Edwin uses a conveniently available hand-powered trolley to fetch help in this Lubin film.

    This is a very broadly acted movie, resulting in some unintentionally funny moments. Although the trend in movie acting in the period was towards a much more subtle style of acting, the word seems not to have reached this production. The camera-work is decent; there is one tracking shot as the rescuers approach the train, but otherwise it is photographed entirely in medium long shots

    Edwin Carewe would not remain an actor long. Within a couple of years he would be directing and by the end of the silent era, would be in charge of such well-regarded movies as EVANGELINE. If you wish to see what the director looked like in 1912, there is a good copy of this film on the Eye Institute site on Youtube.