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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Reality TV
Original Title: Bridalplasty
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Series
Brides compete for plastic surgery treatments and a fantasy wedding.
Series cast summary:
Shanna Moakler Shanna Moakler - Herself - Host 10 episodes, 2010-2011
Cheyenne Aikens Cheyenne Aikens - Herself - Contestant / - 10 episodes, 2010-2011
Allyson Donovan Allyson Donovan - Herself - Contestant 10 episodes, 2010-2011
Dominique Santoro Dominique Santoro - Herself - Contestant / - 10 episodes, 2010-2011
Jenessa Wainwright Jenessa Wainwright - Herself - Contestant 10 episodes, 2010-2011
Kristen Sciacca Kristen Sciacca - Herself - Contestant / - 9 episodes, 2010-2011
Lisa Marie Naegle Lisa Marie Naegle - Herself - Contestant / - 8 episodes, 2010-2011
Netty Aranguren Netty Aranguren - Herself - Contestant / - 7 episodes, 2010-2011
Alexandra Cristin White Alexandra Cristin White - Herself - Contestant / - 6 episodes, 2010-2011
Melissa Hooper Melissa Hooper - Herself - Contestant / - 5 episodes, 2010-2011

Reviews: [2]

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    doesnt Do You

    This show really is one of those things were u hate/love to watch the characters, they're so dumb trying to change their already good bodies. But after u watch one episode u just want to watch the next one to see what happens, One of the characters is so manipulative it literally is hard to fathom how the others are so blind to it. if u like to watch reality shows this is a very entertaining one. And the other person that reviewed this is over exaggerating its not at all a bad show, if you're watching trashy reality TV , you get trashy reality TV. And obviously people love it or else they wouldn't make it look at the success of jersey shore, it created 2-3 spin off shows.
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    This show is funny when you hear what it is about. Silly, when you sit down and give this show 10 seconds of your hard earned time on earth. I would not recommend this show to anyone except for those writing a term paper on horrible television programming.

    The characters are laughable overused clichés of girls who have far too much attitude and makeup coupled with minimal cerebral activity. Yawn.

    To summarize the actual show, I shall complete a play by play! : Girl wins a challenge, girl gets plastic surgery on her -insert body problem here- , and other girls come to console her in person or ridicule and scheme behind her back. Yikes.

    This show was so interesting for nearly 20 seconds back in y2k. But today, this show has no place but to take up space in the void that is early year programming.

    I hope you read this and run far, far away. I hope that your television show you are currently watching is making you laugh endlessly and melt away all of your fears regarding the upcoming work week.

    Steer clear of this one, as long as you want to actually be able to discuss what you watched this weekend without being ostracized.