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Долбанутые (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Dick Figures: The Movie
Director: Zack Keller,Ed Skudder
Writers: Zack Keller,Ed Skudder
Released: 2013
Budget: $313,411
Duration: 1h 13min
Video type: Movie
Two best friends, Red and Blue, risk everything to find the greatest treasure of all time.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Ed Skudder Ed Skudder - Red / Raccoon / Cpt. Crookygrin / Mr. Dingleberry / Jacques Bond / Nep-Dawg / Japanese School Girl / 8-bit Gelato Bene (voice)
Zack Keller Zack Keller - Blue / Narrator / Shaw / Japanese Guy / Trollz0r (voice)
Eric Bauza Eric Bauza - Lord Takagami (voice)
Ben Tuller Ben Tuller - Lord Tourettes (voice)
Shea Logsdon Shea Logsdon - Pink (voice)
Lauren K. Sokolov Lauren K. Sokolov - Stacy (voice)
Chad Quandt Chad Quandt - Chad-Gendarmerie (voice)
Michael Nassar Michael Nassar - Broseph (voice) (as Mike Nassar)
Nick Ainsworth Nick Ainsworth - Umbrella salesman (voice) (as Nicholas J. Ainsworth)
Nick Keller Nick Keller - Party-goers (voice)
John Dusenberry John Dusenberry - Ghetto Cutter (voice)
Brock Gallagher Brock Gallagher - Bully / Dock Worker (voice)
Ashley Shelhon Ashley Shelhon - Global Rescue Services operator (voice)
Rob DenBleyker Rob DenBleyker - Dock Guard (voice)
Dave McElfatrick Dave McElfatrick - Dock Guard (voice)

The film was split into 12 chapters and was published onto YouTube by the film's secondary rights owner, co-producer and original distributor, Mondo Media, onto its YouTube channel, for those who cannot afford to pay for the film on digital streaming and download services.

Animated stick figure versions of the film's directors, Ed Skudder and Zack Keller can be seen at Pink's birthday party. They appear again in the beginning of the end credits, but they however look different to their first animated appearance in the movie.

The film was funded through Kickstarter.

Five backers, were given an opportunity to have an animated appearance and three lines in the movie, for their $2,500 pledge contributions.

Originally set to be a 40-minute special, available only to the Kickstarter backers of the official project. However, this was all changed to being a 73-minute animated feature-length movie and having public availability.

Mondo Media's first feature-length animated film.

The first animated film to be distributed through the indie movie sharing site, Yekra.

Some of the Kickstarter backers got to make cameos in the movie. Either with their voices or how they look in real life.

Zack Keller and Ed Skudder make a cameo but don't voice themselves. Rather two actors voiced two people that looked like the creators.

Reviews: [17]

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    Before this movie is watched it's important to remember what it is, namely a film geared at people familiar with the franchise.

    By producing the film independently it contains the same humour, animation and production quality as the web series, but in a refreshingly new form. There's some notably well put-together scenes and the film as a whole was generally enjoyable to watch.

    Turning a short web cartoon into a film could almost only go wrong but they have managed to pull it off.

    It would be great to see where the series goes next for the pair, but let's see how this film rides out for them.
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    For those who have seen every single episode of the web series at least twice and have grown to really enjoy the series, will love this film adaptation. It has some really well animated and written scenes. The second time through watching I found myself pausing the movie and reading things in the background or on the walls; I found there were many throwbacks to old movies, video games and pop culture. The plot was a little jumpy from place to place, but this was blended in by the writing that is often found it the web series shorts. The action is great, the laughs are awesome, and the story is fun. This film adaptation is a great work and it will be interesting to see what happens to Red and Blue in the future.
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    Well to be completely honest, Dick Figures The Movie was not the knee-slapper I expected it to be. There were a few funny moments but I never laughed very hard. BUT! The plot line and all of the action in the movie still made it one of the best Movies I've ever seen! I also loved how much detail there was in every scene compared to the show. I love how much Ed and Zach put into this movie and they did a fantastic job! I loved how some of the stuff in the movie comes from things that were said in the show. For Example in the episode where they play poker and tell manly stories, the Raccoon tells of how he slaughtered thousands of warriors with the great sword of destiny and how the sword was lost, which pretty much sets up the whole plot line of the movie! This movie was not as funny as I had expected unfortunately, but it was still one of the best movies I've ever seen and I really wish it had gone on the big screen. That would have been epic. I really did get my money's worth from the $30 i donated to help make the movie!
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    "Dick Figures: The Movie" is a hilarious epic story about two friends named Red and Blue and their quest to recover the legendary Sword of Destiny.

    If you're looking for a great comedy, this is it. This movie has action, drama, and of course a hefty dose of raunchy humor. This is definitely not a kids' movie, as you might infer from the title. There is a lot of profanity, sexual references, violence, and more. Think "South Park" without the annoying voices.

    I recommend this for anyone who likes movies such as "Pineapple Express", "Ted", "Dumb and Dumber", "Shaun of the Dead", or others like that. It has some stoner humor like Pineapple Express, a cute talking animal like Ted, a hilarious epic road trip like Dumb and Dumber, and tons of action and one-liners like Shaun of the Dead. Some of the humor is related to the original web-series, so you'll get more out of it if you watch some Dick Figures episodes first. They are all free on YouTube.

    Bottom line: if you haven't seen it, check it out!
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    "Prepare yourself. For STICK FIGURES. And RACCOONS. And NINJAS. And EXPLOSIONS. And LOVE. And HATE. Two friends will risk it all to find the greatest treasure of all time." I have been eagerly awaiting this movies premier since it was first announced. This movie was made for the fans, (funded) by the fans, and they didn't disappoint. I've been a big fan of the series since I discovered it halfway through season 1.

    While some movie adaptations stray from the series on which they are based, Dick Figures: The Movie keeps what made the series so great, then turns things like the animation and action up to 11. I think a big part of this is that they went with crowd sourcing, raised the movie, and produced all in house with complete creative control, rather than being at the mercy of some big Hollywood studio.

    There was some great action sequences, lots of laughs including some gut busting hilarity in the Paris restaurant scenes. At the same time, Ed and Zack have taken the opportunity to not only bump up the animation, action, comedy, and explosions but also give more depth to the characters. We get to learn more about Raccoon, and we see a softer side of Pink that literally confirms that she loves Blue. We also learn how Red and Blue's friendship came to be, the strain that gets put on it, and ultimately the greater appreciation they have for it. Red (eventually) shows that he really does care, and Blue finally has his day. There are some genuinely touching moments that really make you feel for the characters.

    Then of course, there's the Easter Eggs. After watching it the first time or three, it's worth watching it again and pausing to check out all of the neat pop culture references and references to the series as a whole. For example, have a good look in Blue's room, especially the bookshelf.

    This was such an awesome movie, and does the fans proud. If you're a fan of the series you owe it to yourself to buy or rent it. If you're not familiar with the series but enjoy action, explosions, and wacky, colorful characters, check it out.
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    Zack Keller and Ed Skudder have, after setting up a Kickstarter campaign, and lots of hard work, finally released the long awaited "Dick Figures:The Movie" for fans of the web series.

    Compared the the Mondo web series "dick figures" on Youtube, it has an improved animation style. The backgrounds are more detailed, helping make the surroundings feel more lively. The fight scenes in this film are excellently animated, and fans will definitely not be disappointed by these.

    The film however does have some shortcomings. The writing style is reminiscent of the web series, and while the type of humor works well for short animations on Youtube, it is less suited for an animation with a 72 minute running time. However, it did have its fair share of funny moments, and some might even make you laugh.

    The main characters of the web series, namely Red and Blue, do have some more depth to them, as compared to the web series. Blue in particular grows as an individual throughout the events of the movie. The conflict between the two also makes their relationship seem more dynamic, as opposed to static, as it is in the web series. While a static relationship is more suited for a short web series, a dynamic one is much better suited for a film, and this is one of the areas where it really shines.

    To conclude, the film has its ups and downs. The fighting scenes (the car chase scene in Paris in particular) have been animated very well, and are very entertaining. The conflict between Red and Blue adds some much needed depth. However, it still has the feel of a web series, due to slapstick humor, flat background characters, and it being slightly too random at times.

    At times, it feels like they bit off more than they could chew.
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    Dick Figures was something I enjoyed watching at first. I found the earlier episodes simplistic and charming in their own way. While the show did go downhill for me around the third season, I did remain cautiously optimistic about the feature film, especially since the making-of videos did seem to imply that they were putting a lot of work into making it. Besides, I think Ed Skudder is a good artist and animator, so I was curious to see how it would turn out.

    While I think it's far from Skudder's best, I thought it was okay. If you're a fan of Dick Figures, you'll definitely get a kick out of it. If, like me, you're not the biggest fan but you don't mind it, then it might be worth your time.

    The story is fairly simple, just two guys going on a big road trip adventure and there's some jokes along the way. Simple stories are all fine and dandy, but not when they're as predictable as this. It's basically the same story as the Smosh movie, complete with the same tropes; they bicker, they argue, they have a big fight and separate before making up and saving the day, it's about as predictable as you can get.

    As for the jokes, there's the occasional clever moment, but it's hardly laugh-out-loud hilarious. It's like Superbad or something along those lines; pretty childish, but sometimes it's charming. Except unlike Superbad, the charming moments are pretty rare. I'm just giving credit where it's due and saying that those moments are there.

    For me, the big selling point was the animation. I wasn't expecting it to be amazing, since it was animated in Flash and the characters are stick figures, but I actually found it really nice to look at. The backgrounds, while simple, are nicely done, and the character animation is very smooth and expressive. I got the impression that the animators working on this film were conscious of the fact that the designs were incredibly simplistic, so they did their best to make up for it with some really expressive animation, and, like I said, it does look nice. Given how limited the show's animation is, this is an impressive upgrade.

    Dick Figures: The Movie is a straightforward movie that, at times, is downright predictable, but it has enough charm in the animation and look to at least recommend a shot. As an animator, I got a kick out of the visuals, and as a film fan I got a kick out of the characters (sometimes) and Nick Keller's score, though I'm not sure if those good points were quite enough to make up for the predictable story and stupid jokes. Overall, it was okay.
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    Alright, I'll admit I was a tad bit skeptical when I first heard about DF, but after I watched it, I found it so hilarious that I decided to see the movie. It is a very enjoyable film, a 9/10 stars if I may say so myself. One of the things I really enjoyed about this film was the plot. It never felt like Red or Blue ever used an utterly stupid solution to their problems, and many of the conflicts they face were beyond incredible. Also, it doesn't stray far from the series at all! Most films based on a series forgets the point of the series, but this one looks like it could've been an episode. The thing that really got me was the lesson of the film. While most films with the "friendship is important" morale seem overused, this one really does it right. Seriously, it really moved me how Red finally started to see how much trouble he was causing Blue by being such a jerk, when Blue literally devoted his life to taking care of him. This is a must-see for fans of the series, or just someone that needs a fun movie with action, romance, comedy, and drama!
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    This film must be watched a lot of times. Dick Figures: The Movie is way better than the TV show of the same.
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    Legend 33

    The best animated action film I've ever seen. I really loved this film. The action sequences were funny.

    The reason why I love this movie is because, at the beginning of this film, when it says "This is a story about stick figures...", the opening sequence in space is a parody of the beginning of Toy Story 2, the Japan sequence is a parody of The Wolverine, the Eiffel Tower sequence is a parody of Rush Hour 3 and the ending scene is nearly a parody of King Kong.
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    Well, this was a very funny animated science fantasy action film, because most of the fight scenes in this film were funny. I'm so sorry you can't get this film in the UK.
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    Honestly, it's worth it to watch for all the fight scenes alone. They're incredibly well choreographed and fun to watch.
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    OK for those of you out there who were around when the idea was first thrown out to the viewers about the movie you'll remember the money for it came from the fans.

    The understanding would be you give us money and we'll make this movie and post it to you tube. I myself am more than a little angry that they took our money to make the movie and then decided to charge us to watch it. Seriously? Who charges the viewers to watch a movie that the viewers payed to have created? That being said the movie is great. I just refuse to pay to watch it again when I helped pay for it to be made
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    Despicable Me 2- 3/4 Monsters University- on its own it's a great film, which is why I give it a 4/4. That being said, it's not as memorable as other Pixar films. Cloudy 2- 2/4 Epic- 2.5/4 Escape from planet earth- awful in every aspect, 1/4 Dick figures: the movie? This has been a bad year for animated flicks and this has probably been the highlight of them all. Great film that should be released in the theaters everywhere. It would have a better chance of getting an Oscar nod but eh, it's all right. Its fine the way it is. a youtube movie.

    That may be changed when Frozen comes out though. A very memorable and heartfelt adventure, even if it's short and a little campy at times. 4/4
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    .... were illegal this flick would get a life sentence in solitary confinement.

    This ridiculous nonsense of a movie (or whatever they are calling it - the title says Movie) is a real nerve rattling rehash of a suspense/ science fiction/folklore/adventure/fantasy told with stick figures as the main characters - Red & Blue - are the names. There is a girlfriend named Pink. And then a raccoon!

    The producers lost the purpose of this nut-ball bore of a movie by forgetting it's suppose to be "stick figures" - a movie with stick figures for everything. Instead they throw in illustration and photos. Why? And then the voice overs are like a chalk squeak across a blackboard!

    This must be a flick for the stoned tween set - boobs & drinking figure prominently throughout!
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    This was a film I have never even heard of, but thanks to the schmoesknow: I found out more about this film. Dick Figures The Movie is based off of the insanely popular Dick Figures animated comedy series, in fact so popular, that all the funds where part of a kickstarter campaign. This film follows Red (Ed Skudder) and Blue (Zack Keller) who are two twenty something friends (where almost every person is a stick figure, just to make it clear) and Blue wants to get his girlfriend Pink (Shea Logsdon) a truly memorable gift, stumped with ideas, he and Red visit The Raccoon (playing off a racist Japanese accent voiced by Ed Skudder) and he tells the two of a story about the great sword of destiny, the two head on a globe trotting trip from Japan to France and then back to America, with much twists and turns waiting to happen. If that sounds predictable and familiar, it will at first, but once you get past the vulgarity, Dick Figures proves to be one of the best surprises of 2013. What works really well is the self awareness it brings to the table, the creators know that it won't be up to Hollywood standards when it comes to animation or casting, this film embraces it and knows how to even have some surprises, a particular scene around the end shocked me at how surprised it just happened. They also play off the idea that Red and Blue are complete polar opposites, Red is pretty much the definition of the term "YOLO" while Blue is more normal and calm. The animation (though cheap) works really well, there's a car chase that's too good to spoil. The voice acting is also terrific, particularly Keller as Blue, who is surprisingly relatable to any usual person and also has a few standout moments, but the real star is Eric Bauza as Lord Takagami, where every time his character appeared he killed it and had the most laughs, but right behind Bauza is Ben Tuller as the cheeky Lord Tourette's who doesn't have a big role, but his introduction (which is his appearance as an adult)is very memorable. Skudder was also good, but he played so many voices (a total of 13) that it's hard to figure out what his best character is. The writing is dirty but also serves for some truly hysterical lines. The pacing is super quick and will luckily keep you hooked until the final credits. Problems are that it gets a little too silly and predictable at times. But overall, Dick Figures The Movie is without a doubt one of the best surprises this year, and maybe one of the best of this year.


    The particular scene around the end is when Blue almost falls to his death into Ocho Muerte's mouth but Red ends up grabbing both him and the sword at the same time, at first it sounds predictable, but when he first let's go of Blue my jaw dropped at how surprising it was, but what was more surprising was that it happened again three more times as it was all imagining. That scene is just Brilliant where it makes fun of a cliché we've all seen many times before, a few more times this film makes fun of clichés in movies, which also include the character story of the Raccoon and the traps in the temple in Japan.

    Check out my video review
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    It has taken some time till I was able to watch the movie. Nevertheless, it was absolutely awesome. It were the ridicoulus puns and the small details which made the movie for me. Basics which (luckily) were taken over from the series.

    It took me a lot longer than the 73:50 min to watch the film and not only to get more b00ze, but also to constantly pause the movie.

    A lot of stuff is going on in the background if you take note. Just for example the stuff (Books, Movies, Games) Blue has in his rack in the beginning of the movie: Fang Angels (Twigay), A Melody Of Myth & Magic, War Soldiers, Companion Cube, The Pretty Good Gatsby, Arry Potuh & The Banger In Yo Mouf, Duke Of Fancy, Adventures Of Bloser - just to name what I can gather in short time. A lot of references to pop culture and to fans of the series.

    I had a lot more fun watching this movie than in tons of high grossing Hollywood flicks. There are so many awesome and original things in this movie that I will gladly watch it numerous times. I sincerely hope that this movie will be a good example and will bring creativity back to my movie "lunch". 'Cause Hollywood cannot satisfy my hunger with the twentieth installation of basically the same movie.

    If you want some examples of the humour, take these. If you are a fan of Batman: If you are a fan of Call Of Duty: v=Ly3OTtXdJEg If you are a fan of Star Trek and Arnold Schwarzenegger (i.e. Terminator, Kindergarten Cop) v=nJZXcsVvjUI

    Just goes to show, that Ed Skudder and Zack Keller have lots in store for everyone. I can't wait for more from the both and the team.

    On a sidenote: Alex and Lindsay Small-Butera are credited as "Character Animators". Those two are behind "Baman and Piderman". If you enjoy Dick Figures, you might also enjoy this: