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La joie de vivre (1993) HD online

La joie de vivre (1993) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: La joie de vivre
Director: Roger Guillot
Writers: Roger Guillot,Josiane Maisse
Released: 1993
Duration: 1h 20min
Video type: Movie
Cast overview, first billed only:
Michel Bouquet Michel Bouquet - Monsieur Charme
Gwennola Bothorel Gwennola Bothorel - Reine
Patrick Catalifo Patrick Catalifo - Joyeux
Micheline Dax Micheline Dax - Muguette
Henri Virlojeux Henri Virlojeux - Cent à l'heure
Kathy Kriegel Kathy Kriegel - Carole
Bruce Myers Bruce Myers - Karl
Marie Mergey Marie Mergey - Mrs. Jolly
Michel Vitold Michel Vitold - Henri Jolly
James Hor James Hor - Le vendeur asiatique
Eugène Berthier Eugène Berthier - Un homme du club du troisième âge
Germaine Lafaille Germaine Lafaille - Une femme du club du troisième âge
Olga Baïdar-Poliakoff Olga Baïdar-Poliakoff - Une femme du club du troisième âge (as Olga Poliakoff)
Robyn Bernard Robyn Bernard - Un homme du club du troisième âge (as Bernard Robin)
Paul Vally Paul Vally - Un homme du club du troisième âge

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    melody of you

    A widowed man, Mr Charme (Michel Bouquet) doesn't recover from his wife's death and he asks a nurse, Reine (Gwennola Bothorel) to find a solution so that he can join his late wife. Reine accepts because Mr Charme is a well-off widowed and she hopes to appropriate his fortune. For this, she is helped by Mr Charme's involved nephew, "Joyeux".

    The starting point of this movie is very interesting because it aims at showing the stinginess and the hypocrisy of certain characters obstinate by appropriating a person' inheritance. As a rule, such a topic would have demanded a caustic and malicious humor but unfortunately, it's not really the case. The movie rather distills a slight and discreet humor. The ironical side of the movie is especially softened rather than showed.

    Nevertheless, Roger Guillot offers us a pleasant movie that is worth seeing for Michel Bouquet' imposing performance. It just goes to show that a great actor can save a quite minor movie. When Bouquet is out of the sequences, the movie loses its interest. He also epitomizes a caricature of retired people: sullen and a tiny bit cynical.