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Second Chance (1950) HD online

Second Chance (1950) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Romance / War
Original Title: Second Chance
Director: William Beaudine
Writers: Robert Presnell Sr.
Released: 1950
Duration: 1h 12min
Video type: Movie
A bank president and his wife, facing a crisis in their life and both nearing the age of fifty, look back on what has happened to them over the years of their marriage; they were young people who got married in the average way, lived average lives, raised two sons and realize that most of the incidents in their lives were counterpoint to most people---hard times, salary raises, promotions, loss of a son in war, discharge of social and economic obligations---and the effect of such was a gradual drifting-away from their church and a diminishing importance they gave their religion.
Cast overview:
Ruth Warrick Ruth Warrick - Emily Dean
John Hubbard John Hubbard - Ed Dean
Hugh Beaumont Hugh Beaumont - Pastor Dr. Emory
David Holt David Holt - Jimmy Dean
Pat Combs Pat Combs - Dick Dean
Ellye Marshall Ellye Marshall - Irene
John Holland John Holland - Dr. Matthews
Joan Carroll Joan Carroll - Nurse Eva
John Marston John Marston - Harry Decker
Jamesson Shade Jamesson Shade - Mr. Lewis (as Jameson Shade)
Fay Kern Fay Kern - Mrs. Lewis

Hugh Beaumont, who plays a pastor in the film, was a real-life minister.