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Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death (1973) HD online

Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death (1973) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death
Director: Antony Weber
Released: 1973
Duration: 1h 15min
Video type: Movie
Year 2062, the land is barren, post-apocalyptic vision of hell on earth. Environmental pollution, human callousness and evil. Marauding gangs of motorcyclists, violence and rape.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Sandy Carey Sandy Carey - Dala (as Sandra Carey)
Michael Abbott Michael Abbott - Gen. Byron White
John Martin John Martin - John
Dianne Bishop Dianne Bishop - Keisha
Sherri Mason Sherri Mason - Hera
Clayborne Whitcombe Clayborne Whitcombe - Col. Janus
DeDe Tiaz DeDe Tiaz - Janus' Woman
Uschi Digard Uschi Digard - Reina
Kim Lu Kim Lu - Kima
Neola Graef Neola Graef - Nia (as Olivia Tiernan)
Steve Bennett Steve Bennett - Able
David Silverman David Silverman - Sgt. Davis
Sydney E. Olivetti Sydney E. Olivetti - Biker
Ruth Robins Ruth Robins - Biker
Lilly Adams Lilly Adams - Girl

The Italian version of this film (under the title "Sesso Delirio") incorporates footage from George A. Romero's The Crazies (1973) in the opening in an effort to explain the lead up to the nuclear war.

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    Even in its minimalist approach (to sets, locations, etc.), this combo sci-fi/porn film seems quite ambitious compared to other genre-mashing early '70s movies. However, unknown (for good reason) auteur Antony Weber muffs the job (pun intended).

    IMDb helpfully informs us that he had earlier made another porn/action movie called SAVAGE CONNECTION which would be considered a lost film if anyone were looking for it. That picture has the same leads as this one: Sandy Carey and Michael Abbott.

    I won't belabor Weber's plot spine (it's not really much of a screenplay), detailed adequately in the Something Weird Video liner notes for the DVD version. What it leaves out is the fact that the print used for video transfer appears incomplete -the final reel is shredded and incomprehensible.

    Up until that point Weber presents a potentially interesting mixture: cheapo MAD MAX automobile to accompany motor cycles as post-apocalyptic mode of transportation (several years before George Miller made Mel Gibson a star); stark desert landscape of the future (even before L.Q. Jones' take on Harlan Ellison's classic A BOY AND HIS DOG starring Don Johhson) plus porn.

    And it is porn that dominates the proceedings, kicked off by lovely (but stuck with tons of makeup and unbecoming futuristic costuming) Sandy Carey and fellow X veteran Malta in leading roles. Michael Abbott in the lead role of a general lording it over a budget- constricted tiny cast, is a poor actor and not much of a sex simulator, accounting for the fact that his entire list of credits is comprised of the Weber-directed pair of movies.

    As usual Uschi Digard fills up the screen with her massive ta-tas, but add this to the seemingly endless list of credits that bait her fans to watch but turn out to be unworthy of her presence. Most of the women in Weber's cast are attractive but he's not the man to pilot them.

    The other genre he manages to inject is the then extremely popular martial arts craze, of which FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH and Bruce Lee were about to make a tremendous impact at the U.S. box office. Male ingénue lead here John Martin shows off his martial arts skills and even gets a credit for same in addition to his non-acting. It's billed as karate, because kung-fu specifically was not yet in general circulation apparently when this movie was shot. He even has a battle with cute Dianne Bishop (another never-made-it thesp), cast as a deaf-mute babe auditioning for a new PREHISTORIÇ WOMEN craze which unfortunately never happened (that genre was winding down back in England at the time).

    With its lack of continuity and inattention to proper plot development, CRIES would still have made a passable drive-in time killer, but it was never booked near me during my early '70s mania for taking in as many double or triple bills at the Cleveland, Akron or Canton ozoners as possible. I doubt if either of Weber's movies got many bookings at all.

    The splicy nature of this print makes it unclear whether CRIES was soft or hardcore. Uschi often appeared in XXX movies while still retaining her cherry, and star Sandy Carey went both ways. But Weber's poorly staged groping moments looked to me as strictly soft, regardless of editing or CINEMA PARADISO style projectionist tampering.
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    Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death (1973)

    ** (out of 4)

    Set in the year 2062, this post-apocalyptic tale shows a group of survivors who don't have much to do except have simulated sex.

    That's the only plot description I'm giving this low-budget softcore film because, well, to be honest, there's really not much of a plot. With that said, director Antony Weber deserves a lot of credit for at least trying to do something fresh and original with the material. You see, this isn't your typical softcore film as this one here tries to be science fiction and you know what, it actually looks very good for that type of thing.

    One must remember that this here was years before MAD MAX and the various other rip-offs that followed. This film has a very low-budget but at the same time you can tell that there was at least some thought and imagination put into the wasteland and the various "futuristic" items that we see throughout the picture. Even if the film is only a "C" quality I'd still give it an A+ for effort.

    The cast has a few familiar faces including Uschi Digard who appears towards the later end of the film. Plot wise there's really nothing ground-breaking here but that's not overly important since these types of films really didn't have much plot anyways. Some of the simulated sex scenes are laughable and especially a sixty-niner between a couple ladies where you can clearly see one woman's face far away from her "target" point.
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    2062. Our planet has been reduced to a harsh barren wasteland in the wake of a devastating environmental disaster. Since the air is contaminated, survivors are forced to spend the bulk of their time in giant oxygen tents where they get it on with each other. Meanwhile, roving gangs of lethal bikers terrorize the bleak landscape.

    Director Antony Weber ably sets up an unsparingly grim and melancholy mood as well as relates the intriguing story at a steady pace, offers a jarring mix of wanton soft-core sex and stark savage violence, makes nice use of both desolate desert locations and familiar classical music cues, and provides a strong sense of gloomy doom as the days of mankind come to a dismal end. Moreover, the martial arts fight scenes are surprisingly well choreographed and reasonably exciting. The solid acting by the game cast helps a lot: Sandy Carey as the fragile and suicidal Dala, Michael Abbott as the resolute General Byron White, Dianne Bishop as feisty deaf mute Keisha, Steve Bennett as the sadistic Able, Clayborne Whitcombe as the desperate Colonel Janus, Sherri Mason as the forlorn Hera, and Uschi Digard as the compassionate Reina. The competent cinematography by John C. Stevens boasts some striking oddball imagery. Recommended viewing for fans of more esoteric sci-fi fare.