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Tang ren jie tan an 2 (2018) HD online

Tang ren jie tan an 2 (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Comedy / Mystery
Original Title: Tang ren jie tan an 2
Director: Sicheng Chen
Writers: Sicheng Chen,LeeAnne Yu
Released: 2018
Duration: 2h 1min
Video type: Movie
Tang and Qin team up to solve a murder in New York's Chinatown.


Credited cast:
Haoran Liu Haoran Liu - Qin Feng / Chin Fong
Baoqiang Wang Baoqiang Wang - Tang Ren
Yang Xiao Yang Xiao - Song Yi
Natasha Liu Bordizzo Natasha Liu Bordizzo - Chen Ying
Yuxian Shang Yuxian Shang - Kiko
Xun Wang Xun Wang - Lu Guofu
Satoshi Tsumabuki Satoshi Tsumabuki - Noda Hiroshi
Michael Pitt Michael Pitt - Dr. James Springfield
Bai Ling Bai Ling - Aaimali Kunara
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
James Edward Alexander James Edward Alexander - Choir Member #10
Brett Azar Brett Azar - Wild Bull Billy
Inga Ballard Inga Ballard - Choir Member #4
Spelman M. Beaubrun Spelman M. Beaubrun - Choir Member #13
Rick Bolander Rick Bolander - EMT
Jewel Brimage Jewel Brimage - Choir Member #8

Ah-Xiang's husband who Tang Ren met at the airport was the director Chen himself

Reviews: [5]

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    The editing, cinematography, and soundtrack are top-notch, and Wang Baoqiang's high pitch line delivery simply shows why he is the best actor of his generation and one of the biggest comedy stars in China. The screenplay is however a mess and the plot lacks any sense of credibility. Chen Sicheng just put everything together, and in the end you do not know what was exactly happening. All in all, this is a sequel that cannot match the original movie in 2015.
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    This movie is beyond my expectation coz One was a bit disappointing. The location New York is a plus for me and the plot is really funny, sophisticated and attractive. Baobao's acting style is not my type but I respect his effort. There were many familiar faces in the movie who surprised me. Finally, who is Q btw?
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    Here's the imaginatively titled sequel to the 2015 movie. This time the loud, idiotic, blustering (distant) uncle and the stammering brilliant nephew are summoned to New York. There's been a murder, and "Uncle Seven" is offering a huge reward if any of a dozen private detectives can figure out who did it before the police do, and before he dies.

    It's a comedy mystery set in New York City, and the mystery is a nicely tangled one that turns into a serial killing, with all the clues properly laid out in front of the movie audience in advance. I was less pleased with the other aspects of the movie -- the comedy bits varied over the shop, with a few gags that worked, but the interactions between the leads not very good; and the geography of New York City in this movie bears as little relationship to the New York I've lived in all my life as.... well, as a typical Hollywood movie set here, which is to say, almost none.

    Still, there are enough recurring characters and set-ups that the film-makers clearly have yet another sequel in store. This one looks to be set in Tokyo.
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    The first hour was pure fun perfectly balancing the comedy and the mystery the next half hour dragged a bit when it tried to look serious but instead kind of looked stupid and the last hour was quite ridiculous. Even with all of that and a string of jokes that just uses stereotypes it was superfun with great 2 lead performances.
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    As a Spring Festival Film, the plot and rhythm are basically passed. It's just that there are too many rubbish lines that make the protagonist's whole super second grade. In addition, there are logical defects in reasoning, which do not rule out that the writers ignore other perspectives according to their own ideas when they write the script, but should you copy homework to improve it? I hope the third part can strengthen the plot and reduce the noise and meaningless plot.