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Konstytucja (2016) HD online

Konstytucja (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Ustav Republike Hrvatske
Director: Rajko Grlic
Writers: Rajko Grlic,Ante Tomic
Released: 2016
Duration: 1h 33min
Video type: Movie
The story follows four people who live in the same building, but avoid each other because of the differences in their assets, sexual habits, nationality and religion.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Nebojsa Glogovac Nebojsa Glogovac - Vjeko Kralj
Dejan Acimovic Dejan Acimovic - Ante Samardzic
Ksenija Marinkovic Ksenija Marinkovic - Maja Samardzic
Bozidar Smiljanic Bozidar Smiljanic - Hrvoje Kralj
Mladen Hren Mladen Hren - Ivan Stazic
Matija Cigir Matija Cigir - Bobanovic
Zdenko Jelcic Zdenko Jelcic - Pater Tomislav
Robert Ugrina Robert Ugrina - Damir Pivac
Zeljko Königsknecht Zeljko Königsknecht - Miroslav Plese
Jelena Jovanova Jelena Jovanova - Policajka
Berislav Tomicic Berislav Tomicic - Policajac #1
Rudi Pavlovic Rudi Pavlovic - Policajac #2
Radomir Saraden Radomir Saraden - Trovac pasa
Luka Dragic Luka Dragic - Jozo Slokovic
Daria Lorenci Daria Lorenci - Socijalna radnica

Reviews: [5]

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    The only reason I didn't give it 10 stars is because I'm so sick and tired of films that deal with xenophobia, homophobia, Ustaše and Chetniks, Croats and Serbs that I wanna puke!

    THAT BEING SAID, this is one of the best Croatian films I have seen in a loooong time.

    Characters and story do seem a bit cliché at first, but the excellent acting and story progression take it to another level. The acting is amazing on so many levels, Ksenija Marinković and Dejan Aćimović are great at portraying middle age working class couple, but Nebojša Glogovac should win like an Oscar or something! He went through multiple transformations, from the inside and outside, and both like an actor and as a character. He does this with such an ease that I think he is the best actor of his generation in the entire ex-Yu area.

    On the level of screenplay structure and writing the film is close to perfection. There is no redundant information , unnecessary dialog or action, every element is driven by the vision of the whole picture. In short Ante Tomić nailed it.

    The director Rajko Grlić is not imposing with his style, there is no sign of some outside ego that is messing up the natural flow and rhythm of the film. Obviously the guy is a master and very at ease with what's he doing.

    Finally, maybe this film is not for everybody's taste, but I think everybody should at least try it. It brings out sadness and then in an unexpected moment turns it into a smile, sometimes even a laughter. That is something that surprised me and drew me in completely.
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    The Croatian film Ustav Republike Hrvatske (Constitution of the Republic of Croatia) was shown in the U.S. with the title The Constitution (2016). It was co-written and directed by Rajko Grlic.

    The movie is about the actions--and interactions--of four Croatians. The situation is complicated for many reasons. One reason is class differences. Vjeko Kralj (Nebojsa Glogovac) is an upper class professor. He lives with his bedridden father Hrvoje Kralj (Bozidar Smiljanic), who was a leading Fascist general.

    A working-class couple live in the same apartment building. Maja and Ante Samardzic (Ksenija Marinkovic and Dejan Acimovic) are a nurse and a police officer, respectively.

    The situation is also complicated by ethnicity. Maja and Ante are from Serbia. Even though Ante fought for Croatia against the Serbs, the ethnic Croatians dislike them on the basis of their origins. (To this day, many Serbs hate Croatians and many Croatians hate Serbs. You can read about it in Wikipedia.)

    Fate throws the four people closer together. Vieko is gay, and a cross-dresser. He is the victim of homophobic violence, and enters a hospital where Maja is a nurse. When he gets home, he can't care for himself, let alone his father. Maja becomes their caretaker. In return, Vieko will tutor Ante on the Croatian Constitution. Every police officer has to be tested on the Constitution, and Ante has dyslexia, so he's having trouble.

    How this all works out makes for a fascinating film. It's one of those movies that appear to be going nowhere, when suddenly things begin to click.

    We saw this film at Rochester's excellent Little Theatre. It was screened as part of the great ImageOut LGBT Film Festival. This was the movie's New York State premiere. (It's always important when a movie is shown first in Rochester than in New York City.) It will work well on the small screen. Seek it out and watch it!
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    These types of movie are pretty rare from the Balkans, they actually show the dark truth that everything is not how we imagined it, and that many things are lost to us. The Constitution of Republic of Croatia is film which just shows how the Croatian society looks at thing openly, and how they do it in the shadows. A homosexual man who adores Independent State of Croatia and a mixed-marriage who believe that people are people are at the main prime of these story. In short a combination of hypocrisy and nationalism......what can be better then this!
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    Everything is just perfect, not too much and not too less. Every moment in the movie is perfectly matched.
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    Nebojsa Glogovac was the greatest serbian theatre amd movie actor of the recent times. Extremely popular in the former Jugoslavia and adoredin Serbia. That was his last film before he died off lung cancer aged 47. In my opinion, his performance in this film is one of the best ever done in the history of cinema. Just watch it to get assured I am telling the truth.