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Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror
Original Title: Lilith
Director: Ryan M. Andrews,Alan Smithee
Writers: Smithee Alan,Ryan M. Andrews
Budget: $600,000
Duration: 1h 25min
Video type: Movie
A husband and wife travel cross-country in an RV. Their idyllic road trip becomes a hellish nightmare when they pick up a hitchhiker.
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Tristan Risk Tristan Risk - Lilith Three
Jessica Cameron Jessica Cameron - Heidi Cruz
Carlo Mendez Carlo Mendez - Salvador Cruz
Nick Somers Nick Somers - Officer Cooper
Ryan Kiser Ryan Kiser - James
Heather Dorff Heather Dorff - 911 Operator
Julianne Gabert Julianne Gabert - Radio Host
Jocelyn Jae Tanis Jocelyn Jae Tanis - Linda
Teresa R. Parker Teresa R. Parker - Billy (as Teresa Parker)
Ali Ferda Ali Ferda - Carla Storey
Dani Sciacca Dani Sciacca - Lilith Two
Emlee Vassilos Emlee Vassilos - Lilith One
Tiffany Arnold Tiffany Arnold - Sandra
Jonathan Hatley Jonathan Hatley - Victim
Cara Schaurer Cara Schaurer - Lesley

In the original script the couple drove a car across the country and not an RV. Since the film makers were traveling in an RV the script was adjusted to use what they had.

While Sloane Brown was filming on set, Amanda Bynes was staying on her sofa in her LA apartment and the paparazzi was posting pictures of them constantly.

Actress Jessica Cameron nearly had a heart attack while filming when she exited a room during a scene and nearly stepped on a large blue tarantula while filming in California. She is deathly afraid of spiders. She proceeded to scream when cut was called.

Actress Ali Ferda had worked with Jessica Cameron a few years earlier on The Sleeper (2012). Jessica was greatly impressed with Ali's talent and vowed to cast her in something when she could.

'Carlo Mendez' turned down starring in 'Jessica Cameron' first film, Truth or Dare (2013), after it had such a successful festival run he reached out to the team to get involved with their next project.