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The Recovered (2008) HD online

The Recovered (2008) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Horror
Original Title: The Recovered
Director: Jay Bauman,Mike Stoklasa
Writers: Jay Bauman,Mike Stoklasa
Released: 2008
Budget: $3,500
Duration: 1h 22min
Video type: Creative Work
Beverley Sloan returns to her hometown after fifteen years of abandonment to make preparations for her long-estranged mother's funeral. Once arriving home, strange visions and recovered memories of a forgotten childhood horror begin to haunt Beverley, causing her grip on reality and her own sanity to slowly begin falling away.
Credited cast:
Tina Krause Tina Krause - Beverley Sloan
Douglas W. Rose Douglas W. Rose - Business Man
Benjamin Budd Benjamin Budd - Will (as Ben Budd)
Riv Tyler Riv Tyler - Monty
Chris Wade Chris Wade - Funeral Home Director
Diana Penglase Diana Penglase - Little Beverley
Niki Rose Niki Rose - Mother
Jay Bauman Jay Bauman - Hardware Store Employee
Jennifer Frey Jennifer Frey - Stranger in Kitchen
Amanda Franecki Amanda Franecki - Female Stranger
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Michael Graeve Michael Graeve - Male Stranger
Jill Penglase Jill Penglase - Foster Mother
Aliza Rae Aliza Rae - Real Estate Agent
Mike Stoklasa Mike Stoklasa - Father

The knife wielded by Tina Krause near the end of the movie is the same knife prop stuck in the wall by the door inside Mr. Plinkett's house, first seen in _"Half in the Bag" (2011) {Scream 4 and No Brand Con (#1.6)}"_

The seal on Beverly's (Tina Krause) adoption certificate is the production company's (Red Letter Media) actual stamp/seal.

Reviews: [3]

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    Although a little slow and boring at times, this 2008 horror drama is the original inspiration for the rise of the infamous Slenderman in 2009.

    It was also a surprise to discover that Rich Evans' real name is actually Douglas W. Rose.
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    I haven't been affected this much by a movie in years, so that must be considered good value for money. The controversial gore scene towards the end made myself, and the majority of the audience, flinch, scream and nervously giggle simultaneously (a feel good/feel bad movie rolled into one!). This film is not a feature film. For a start, it is not feature length, also, it is not shot on film. More importantly, it does not have what feature films have these days: star actors, special effects, exotic locations, explosions. Instead, seeing " The Recovered" is seeing something else that a cinema can be: a place where people can share an intimate experience created by a few people on a tight budget. I would be glad of its success if only for that reason. Just last week, in one of my Screen Analysis tutorials, our tutor good-naturedly decided that if we were going to be film students we needed to be exposed to disturbing things. What he showed us was an excerpt from an expressionist French film made in the late 20's, the name escapes me. Before we had reached the climactic scene, every one in the class had already guessed it, as we had seen images so far of a man purposely sharpening a razor blade, and then approaching a complacent woman in a chair and holding wide open one of her eyes. At this point one of the girls in the room rather loudly asked of the tutor, jokingly but in something of a shaky voice, "Why are you doing this?"

    This question, I think, could well be the definitive mark of really effective horror, and it was certainly in the back of my mind nearly all of last night as I was watching Red letter media "The recovered" for the first time. True horror films, by their nature, should strive to get their audience to ask this question, because it means that they are transcending the illusion of moving pictures and becoming a film - suspending disbelief and getting under your skin.
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    Hey guess what, this was pretty solid! Sure RLM is more known for comedy/snark/parody stuff, but this was a surprisingly well made cheapo horror movie that was well shot and smartly used its low budget. There's not a lot of gore or craziness, just a more psychological tone that works well. Can be a little slow in places, but works on a whole. Decent stuff!