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This Gun for Hire (1996) HD online

This Gun for Hire (1996) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action
Original Title: This Gun for Hire
Director: Darrell Essex
Writers: Darrell Essex,Winston Marcelle
Released: 1996
Duration: 1h 28min
Video type: Movie
Bobby McCoy is hired by bounty hunter Mitch Dobbs as backup in the apprehension of Rico LeFores, a lowlife drug dealer/murderer with a hefty price on his head. Lots of action and shootouts ensue.
Cast overview:
Jennifer West Savitch Jennifer West Savitch - Bobby McCoy
Butch Engle Butch Engle - Mitch Dobbs
Jeff Cuda Jeff Cuda - Rico LeFores
Jeanine Poquis Jeanine Poquis - Alva
Doug Burns Doug Burns - Duke Stryker
Lory-Michael Ringuette Lory-Michael Ringuette - Sharpley
Patrick Nunes Patrick Nunes - Tanner
Derek-James Yee Derek-James Yee - Boler (as Derek Yee)
Fredrick C. Ward Fredrick C. Ward - Soto
Michael J. Wong Michael J. Wong - Drago
Tom Waugh Tom Waugh - Joey
Ron Zeno Ron Zeno - Brimmer
Joe Hakik Joe Hakik - Tony Rivera
Michaela Greeley Michaela Greeley - Ivana Garvey