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Party of Five Thanksgiving (1994–2000) HD online

Party of Five Thanksgiving (1994–2000) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Family
Original Title: Thanksgiving
Director: Michael Engler
Writers: Christopher Keyser,Amy Lippman
Released: 1994–2000
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Episode
Only nine months after their parents' fatal accident, Charlie decides the siblings aren't ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. To their shock, the drunk driver Walter Alcott already makes parole for good behavior. Claudia breaks the agreement not to go see him and finds a rather charming book store owner. Bailey then consults a lawyer, goes to vent his complex frustrations at the Alcott home and seeks comfort with Kate, who tells how her divorced mother's life was poisoned until she chose to accept her father's adultery. After Walter's adult daughter Annie is turned down offering a piece pie by Julia, she visits heir home, returns in a most forgiving mood and cooks a Thanksgiving dinner. Charlie is not inclined to join in but ultimately discusses his own guilt issue with Walter.
Episode complete credited cast:
Scott Wolf Scott Wolf - Bailey Salinger
Matthew Fox Matthew Fox - Charlie Salinger
Neve Campbell Neve Campbell - Julia Salinger
Lacey Chabert Lacey Chabert - Claudia Salinger
Paula Devicq Paula Devicq - Kirsten Bennett (credit only)
Scott Grimes Scott Grimes - Will McCorkle
John Rubinstein John Rubinstein - Walter Alcott
Kelli Williams Kelli Williams - Annie Alcott
Jennifer Blanc-Biehn Jennifer Blanc-Biehn - Kate Bishop (as Jennifer Blanc)
Richard McGonagle Richard McGonagle - Emmett
Tom Mason Tom Mason - Joe Mangus
Brandon Porter Brandon Porter - Owen Salinger
Taylor Porter Taylor Porter - Owen Salinger

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    This particular episode is a good example of what's great about POF. I'm not a fanboy, but do enjoy this program as a regular viewer, and it does have great episodes interspersed with some not so great.

    This one does what POF does best, and that is when the five orphaned young people are presented with serious issues that are related to their particular situation and when the series stays away from maudlin matters of youth that are not particularly interesting nor engaging.

    Here we have two strong divisive situations, these being how to handle the first Thanksgiving without their parents and the issue of the man responsible for the parents' deaths being released from prison. Each of the kids acts and thinks about the issues differently, and that is absolutely a riveting and realistic portrayal.

    There is no possible positive resolution regarding the parents' deaths, except to somehow move beyond the hatred and revenge, and each one does this differently. There is a resolution to the holiday matter, and it's handled with care and tenderness, showing the series writers and the performers at their best.

    Bravo to POF for an outstanding episode!
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    It is Thanksgiving time and Salingers decide not to celebrate. At this time also Walter Alcott, the drunk driver who killed their parents, comes out of prison and wants to meet them. At first deciding not to each of the siblings ends up going to see him.

    This is a perfect episode. Incredibly well done. I like how each one of them goes to see Walter Alcott individually. How each one of them has their own big issue that this meeting in a way helps to heal. Claudia just needed to see his face. She imagined him to be a scary, mean looking murder and the fact that he looks like a normal, and actually friendly person helped her. Julia needed to tell that she needs to find a way to forgive because this anger hurts her too. Bailey went just to let his anger out, but meeting Kate after showed him that this anger hurts himself and he shouldn't let it take over his life. And Charlie went because as it turns out he blamed himself for his parent's death because he came late to babysit this day and if he didn't they would be at the theater the time it happened. These all were such powerful scenes, especially Charlie's. I was very impressed.