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Simon & Simon First, Let's Kill All the Lawyers (1981–1989) HD online

Simon & Simon First, Let's Kill All the Lawyers (1981–1989) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Drama / Mystery
Original Title: First, Letu0027s Kill All the Lawyers
Director: Sigmund Neufeld Jr.
Writers: Philip DeGuere Jr.,Alan Brennert
Released: 1981–1989
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
When the boys are hired to find out who is leaking confidential information and using it for insider trading. The trail leads them to their client's son. But before he could be confronted, he is killed. The suspect is the boy's friend and he is arrested. But at his hearing his lawyer, who is Cecilia's latest beau uses personal info on Rick to discredit him thus releasing the man. Rick and A.J. try to find another way to get him.
Episode cast overview:
Jameson Parker Jameson Parker - A.J. Simon
Gerald McRaney Gerald McRaney - Rick Simon
Mary Carver Mary Carver - Cecilia Simon
Joan McMurtrey Joan McMurtrey - Lt. Abigail Marsh
Rob Estes Rob Estes - John Channing (as Robert Estes)
Peter Hansen Peter Hansen - Lloyd Grant
Michael Prince Michael Prince - Prosecutor
Tom O'Rourke Tom O'Rourke - Hanrahan
Kevin McCarthy Kevin McCarthy - Atty Doug McKenna
Lucille Meredith Lucille Meredith - Judge
Ed Beechner Ed Beechner - Mark Fordham
Danny Hassel Danny Hassel - Woody Grant
Jared Snyder Jared Snyder - Arnold Pinkston
Donna Jepsen Donna Jepsen - Officer Jepsen