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Enterprise Bound (2001–2005) HD online

Enterprise Bound (2001–2005) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Bound
Director: Allan Kroeker
Writers: Gene Roddenberry,Rick Berman
Released: 2001–2005
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Enterprise is en route, to the Berengaria system, one of the supposed places for a starbase, when an hostile Orion ship approaches. Its captain, Harrad-Sar, agrees to stand down weapons and he has a proposal for captain Archer. Harrad-Sar wants Starfleet to cooperate in a mining operation. He claims he found a source of magnesite, enough to build a thousand warp drives. To improve relations with the Orion Syndicate, Archer decides to agree with the proposal. Harrad-Sar insists on transporting three slave girls to Enterprise as part of the deal. While Archer tries to convince them they are not slaves anymore, the crew seem to be affected by their arrival. The men seem entranced and preoccupied, getting sloppy with their work, the women develop headaches. Meanwhile Trip and T'Pol discuss their relationship. Trip feels compelled to tell the truth about him having dreams about her.
Episode cast overview:
Scott Bakula Scott Bakula - Captain Jonathan Archer
John Billingsley John Billingsley - Dr. Phlox
Jolene Blalock Jolene Blalock - Commander T'Pol
Dominic Keating Dominic Keating - Lieutenant Malcolm Reed
Anthony Montgomery Anthony Montgomery - Ensign Travis Mayweather
Linda Park Linda Park - Ensign Hoshi Sato
Connor Trinneer Connor Trinneer - Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III
William Lucking William Lucking - Harrad-Sar
Cyia Batten Cyia Batten - Navaar
Derek Magyar Derek Magyar - Commander Kelby
Crystal Allen Crystal Allen - D'Nesh
Menina Fortunato Menina Fortunato - Maras
Christopher Jewett Christopher Jewett - Crewman #1
Duncan K. Fraser Duncan K. Fraser - Crewman #2

T'Pol mentions that a Vulcan survey team had made note of a species of flying reptiles on Berengaria VII. The reptiles were over two hundred meters in length and breathed fire. This was a nod to the TOS episode "This Side of Paradise", where Spock mentions seeing a dragon while visiting Berengaria VII.

Chronologically, this is the first episode of Star Trek to mention either the Gorn or the Gorn Hegemony.

Orion slave girls were also featured in TOS "The Cage" and TOS "Whom Gods Destroy", while the Orion Syndicate played a part in DS9 "Honor Among Thieves" and DS9 "Prodigal Daughter". Both appeared in the ENT "Augments" story arc.

This episode contains the first mention of the Deltan species, of which Lieutenant Ilia (who appeared in Star Trek: The Motion Picture) was a member.

The "mysterious" ship that attacks Enterprise is said to be an unknown configuration. However, if closely examined, it appears to be of the same configuration as the Nausicaan raiders from "Fortunate Son".

Cyia Batten, who played Navaar, also played Tora Ziyal, Gul Dukats daughter, in the DS9 episodes "Indiscretion" and "Return to Grace".

This takes place in December 2154.

William Lucking who played Harrad-Sar also played Furel in DS9 "Shakaar".

Reviews: [7]

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    I suppose there is going to have to be a bit of levity now and then as the series heads into the home stretch. Archer and the gang are on their way to a meeting to find a new planet for a headquarters. Along the way, a ship full of Orion's shows up. These are the guys that sold several crew members into slavery in a previous episode. Archer and several Enterprise crew member accept the Orion's hospitality and after eating, are treated to some green belly dancers (slaves?) who seem to be able to manipulate men. Three of them are soon made gifts to Archer, who stupidly allows them the run of the ship. Soon they have upset the entire balance of the Starship. All the males on board begin to act like salivating teenagers and begin to compromise the mission. Trip and T'Pol seem to have what it takes to resist these women. Of course, this episode would imply that the crew never learned a thing through all their experiences.
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    While traveling to the Berengaria, the Enterprise is intercepted by an Orion ship commanded by Captain Harrad-Sar. After an initial hostility, the alien surprisingly invites Captain Archer to pay a visit to him. Archer and Reed are transported to the ship and Harrad-Sar offers a feast and then a dancing show with three seductive Orion females. When Archer returns to Enterprise, he reports to T'Pol that Harrad-Sar had found a huge magnesite mine but did not have the necessary resources to invest in the mining operation. He had offered the location to the Starfleet and in return he would ask a commission of 10% of the extraction. Archer has accepted the deal and received the three Orion dancers as a gift. The Orion females affect the entire crew except T'Pol and Trip. Dr. Phlox discovers that the men have a great increase in their pheromone becoming careless in their duties and easily persuaded by the females and the women have headache affecting their concentration on the job. However, the Vulcan T'Pol is not affected and Trip is mind bounded to her. Sooner Archer realizes that the Orion females are not the slaves on board of Enterprise.

    "Bound" is a "sexy" episode of Enterprise, with Captain Archer receiving a Trojan horse through the form of three female aliens on board of his ship capable of almost destroying the Enterprise. The three actresses do a great job in the role of the Orion females in the lead plot. The romance between T'Poll and Trip is delightfully funny. Dr. Phlox as usual is one of the most pleasant character with his witty lines. My vote is eight.

    Title (Brazil): "Elo" ("Link")
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    This episode hearkens back to the original "Star Trek" pilot--the one with Jeffery Hunter as Captain Pike. In this pilot (later chopped up and re-edited into "The Menagerie"), the Captain is tempted by a green Orion slave girl. Here in "Bound", Captain Archer and his crew come into contact with these Orion ladies--but this time the result is very, very different.

    The show begins with a member of the Orion Syndicate who offers to make peace with Earth and go into business with them. To show his sincerity, he gives Archer three lovely (and VERY scantily clad) green slave girls. However, like the Trojan War, you KNOW that this gift isn't what it appears to be...and soon almost everyone on the ship begins acting strangely!

    This is a very good episode which will probably annoy some ladies, as the show is much like a male Trekkie's dreams! But it is well made and the twist near the end very nice--so it is worth seeing.
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    In "Bound", the Enterprise encounters an Orion ship whose captain negotiates a deal to give Enterprise the coordinates of a planet with amble resources for Star Fleet to mine. In exchange, he asks for 10% of the profits. To celebrate the deal, he gives the Enterprise 3 Orion women held in slavery. The presence of these women cause the human men on the ship to begin to act irrationally (with the exception of Trip). The human women begun suffering from headaches. Dr. Phlox's sleep cycle is out of whack. The only members of the crew unaffected seem to be Trip & T'Pol. Phlox discovers that the women are exuding a pheromone that's causing all of this. T'Pol mating with Trip has evidently made him immune to its powers. All of this is a trap for the Orion ship to return and catch the Enterprise defenseless, taking the wanted Archer to the Orion Syndicate and stealing the Enterprise. It's up to Trip & T'Pol to stop all of this before it's too late.

    We're hitting the home stretch now and this episode represents a bit of filler. It's a combination of a homage to the original pilot and an excuse for the writers to show off some skin as they like to do from time to time. Trip decides to return to Enterprise, despite the fact that he agreed to leave only a few episodes ago. That plot didn't really go anywhere. There's nothing exceptional about this episode, though Phlox and T'Pol are as good as ever.
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    While approaching a planet believed to have no intelligent life Enterprise is intercepted by an Orion ship. The ships captain invites Archer to come over his ship for discussions; Malcolm and Travis join him. Once there they are given a fine meal before being entertained by three Orion slave girls who clearly have an effect on the three men. When they return to Enterprise they are accompanied by the three scantily clad beauties and Archer tells T'Pol that he has made a deal with the Orion captain concerning the mining of a planet. As they head to the planet something strange starts to happen to the crew, the women are getting headaches and most of the men are falling under the spell of the Orion girls due to their pheromones; they are starting to act in an unprofessional way and when the Enterprise come under attack from a ship that poses no threat whatsoever Archer orders Malcolm to destroy it, he refuses however. One of the Orions persuades engineering officer Kelby to sabotage the ship and they are left without propulsion while their master comes to capture Archer. Luckily T'Pol and Trip find away to defeat their assailant and prevent the captain from acting under the influence of the women.

    This was an enjoyable stand-alone episode; the three Orion girls may have been slaves but it was clear that they had a control of the men on Enterprise. I can see why the crew came under their spell, their behaviour was highly seductive and their costumes were pure fan-service. It was a nice twist to discover that the true slaves weren't the women and that even within Orion society they were the real bosses. The way T'Pol and Trip were immune was a little convenient but was necessary to make the story work and it is nice that there is still a connection between them and that Trip will be staying on Enterprise.
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    While the irresistible "Green Women" of Orion introduced in the Original Trek were presumably too good to miss in at least one episode of "Enterprise", they mostly contribute to a fairly lacklustre, predictable episode made 40 years later and encompassing necessary adjustments in line with the thinking of our times, if not the amount of skin coverage achieved by the three women's minimalist attire. Cyia Batten, Crystal Allen and Menina Fortunato do well enough as these heroines, while Billingsley, Bakula, Keating and Montgomery all have some fun with their at-times daft, at-times aggressive characters coming under increasing pheremonal control.

    The slight saving grace in this one is Connor Trinneer's portrayal of Trip, who has to beat up his newly re-demoted deputy following an act or two of gross insubordination, but is unaffected by the presence of the new females on the ship, thanks to his being helplessly and hopelessly captivated by T'Pol. The latter here appears courtesy of a Jolene Blalock looking far healthier (and a tad more voluptuous) than in earlier episodes of the season, and thus returned to full "goddess" status. She's breathtaking here (and actually far more gorgeous than the actress that plays her, which is a fascinating conundrum in itself). And, yes, this is the episode in which she (FINALLY) gives way to her romantic and erotic need for Tucker, and by golly it does somehow feel like it's been worth the wait! The makers taunted us with this for episode after episode, and now here it is! Not quite sure what it's all about (or how vicarious?), but this bit made the episode for me, as I suspect it will have done for many others...
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    As we're watching Enterprise, Discovery and The Orville simultaneously, I can compare and concluded Enterprise is way better. Even with those green ladies and the green fellow. This episode could be a 6 or 7 if I wasn't comparing to others series. As I am, it seems better. So, I give it 9. Thank you, Discovery and Orville for making me value this old treasure.