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Ninja Immovable Heart (2014) HD online

Ninja Immovable Heart (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Drama
Original Title: Ninja Immovable Heart
Director: Rob Baard,John Balazs
Writers: Rob Baard
Released: 2014
Duration: 1h 37min
Video type: Movie
Reeve is a member of an elite covert group thought not to exist anymore, he is captured, beaten and brutally tortured, by the very Governments he used to work for. With the help of his old mentor John Carpenter, Reeve must strip away, and rid himself of the emerging demons of his past, so that he may understand the core essence of Ninjutsu, the Ninja's Immovable heart, in order to remember how and why he was captured, and what he is meant to do, before time runs out and his captors discover why he is really here.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Rob Baard Rob Baard - Reeve, The Ninja
Roger Neave Roger Neave - John Carpenter
Danny Glover Danny Glover - Ex Director Matthew Reynolds
John Balazs John Balazs - Balazs
Blaze Broadway Blaze Broadway - Homeless kid
Cassandra Gava Cassandra Gava - Agent Michelle Law
Aliante Youngdino Aliante Youngdino - The Torturer
Jacob Fyfe Jacob Fyfe - Solider Rick
Vivian Langham Vivian Langham - Rachel
Jennifer Rose Jennifer Rose - Jane
Christopher Bunworth Christopher Bunworth - Jeremy Shaw
Melinda Di Natale Melinda Di Natale - Sarah Carpenter
Chris Trait Chris Trait - Baldy, ninja
Andrew Ward Andrew Ward - The priest / research analyst
John Kovacs John Kovacs - The Hungarian

Reviews: [11]

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    Having no idea how the score got into the 3 area, I must say that when this film would have been made as a project in a film school, I would fail each and everyone involved. The plot doesn't have just holes, there is no plot! It is rarely a good idea, when the main actor is also the writer and director. It was supposed to fail from the start, and man it DID fail. From casting to acting to cutting and special effects, nothing gets even close to professionalism. Plan 9 from Outer Space was at least involuntarily funny, and is cult today. But our film here is just bad. I am sure that intentions were good, or else Mr Baard would not have made this film, but he is well advised to look for experienced people to realize his projects, if someone is willing to finance it. He needs a writer to get it from the idea to a story, something he did not manage; this made the film boring to watch from start to end. With the basic ingredient lacking, a really good director could have still made a halfway decent film, given enough liberty to stray from the script. But as the director was the writer, no such thing happened. The same good director could have told his lead cast how to play the role with more than just one face, but again the director is the main actor. So that 1 star is only given, as there is no negative vote.
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    DO NOT waste your time or money.

    This is absolutely the worst acting that I have ever seen. This is absolutely the worst script ever turned into a movie. This movie has the hands-down worst special effects ever. I mean, I've seen better effects in cartoons.

    This movie has made me question what is going on with the movie industry. My God, how did this ever even make it onto disc much less film?

    It wouldn't have been so bad if it had been advertised as a comedy spoof. But, then again, maybe it would.

    I want my $1.50 back.

    Hey Danny, Really? What were you thinking? The only reason I rented it was because your name was headlined and I hadn't seen your acting in a while. I can only shake my head...
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    Wow, just, Woooow!!! This is a horrible movie! The acting is awfully horrible, the special effects are complete and utter crap, the plot ubber crappy and told in a bizarre confusing way that makes you question what happened when and where and from a movie with "ninja" in it's name you would expect at least the fights were good right? Nope! not by a loooooong shot! Worst fight scenes i remember seeing in my life! The only thing that aren't really really bad at this movie is the music that sometimes is even good(if you close your eyes and manage to ignore all the crappy horrible things happening at the screen), will there really be a sequel to this? really? Who the hell is funding this and why did Danny Glover agree to appear on this? Seriously, if you're lucky enough to read this before you watch it, please, for your own sake, DO NOT WATCH IT! It is not even weird enough to be funny, it's just a horrible waste of time!
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    This was a complete waste of money and time, everything is completely fake, the moves are poor you can see everything before it happens its like watching a crappy anime , they stand around and wait for their turn to attack, the attacks are not even attacks. the bad guys are trying to be what they cannot be, look at them they look like little kids trying to reenact a movie on their own in a playground without even knowing what to do. you can hand pick strangers that never acted in their lives and they will do much better than these fools. really awful movie. its better they watch some action anime and entertain themselves than try acting like anime characters. To the full cast and producer "quit acting and producing,quit writing you all fail at this job, try something new" Ps: i can act much better than any of you as well ......
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    On the bright side, this movie tries to be philosophical. But I think it's fair to say that it lands flat on its belly with that. Some might like the idea, that the movie is not just an action fest, where one stunt follows the other, but this gives you quotes on how or what a ninja should be (choices/lifestyle and what not).

    But as said, it doesn't really work. Which has to do with wooden acting, bad cuts and not really good special effects. It's a shame, because there could've been a different sort of beast born out of this, but then again you can't have it all. The action scenes are sometimes nicely done, if you don't put a high standard on it. It's really a waste of time (and money), but that's up to you to decide
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    Today a friend and I decided to watch this film. I expected it to be bad, but I could not imagine how bad it was. There was a very loose impossible to follow story line that kept jumping all over the place. Half the movie was watching some old bloke lecture the "ninja" about stuff that just didn't matter. The special affects were atrocious, the script childish, and the acting the worse I have ever seen. I understand the budget was most likely small, but the only positive was the fact after 1:40:37 the film finished. I am totally shocked this film was released and somebody financed it. The best way I can describe it is a a jumble of clichés thrown into a washing machine and a cameo poorly done by Danny Glover to try and give this eyesore some sort of credibility. I will never watch this again and I warn others not to waste your time. If I could have scored it in the negatives I would have.
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    This movie is so crap even kids cartoon has more substance,it is truly a waste of time watching it,the story line is all over the place bad acting and fight scenes,bad everything,40 minutes in you still don't know the plot or whats going on,you there hoping it will develop into something which never came,the worst experience i had in any film before,i don't think it deserves the right to be called a film, this was a waste of filming and the budget,i guess the actors just take the money and be like whatever,but this not good for reputation either, its a let down on all levels,the only thing good about this movie is image quality but everything else is crap,plain and simple
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    blac wolf

    A bit like a Seinfeld Ninja movie... A Ninja movie about nothing!
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    Like what was said in my recent review for 'The Secret Village', this is in no way intended to sound hate-filled or like a reviewer who hates everything review. Quite the contrary. Am actually a fair reviewer with a love of film of all decades, genres and regardless of what the budget is. IMDb's lowest possible ratings are very rarely given out by me, and also have no bias against low-budget films, there are watchable, and even good, ones out there.

    'Ninja Immovable Heart' is another example of not being one of those watchable or good low-budget films. Instead another example, and perhaps even an even worse one (if that was humanly possible), of being one of the worst ever examples to me. One of the worst films recently viewed for me and among the worst ever. Again another case of me being serious and genuine, not being malicious. Malice has never been intended in any of my reviews, regardless of how strongly worded some of them are.

    It's a cheap looking film visually, especially in the insultingly cheap (even for low budget) special effects and in the action scenes. Regarding the action scenes they are too few, and those that are in the film are very unexcitingly choreographed and chaotically edited.

    The script is cheesy, stilted and didn't even feel like one that was properly organised let alone structured. There is nothing tense, suspenseful, fun or urgent about the paper thin, pedestrian and muddled story.

    In 'Ninja Immovable Heart' none of the characters are intriguing or relatable, the direction is non-descript and the acting is dire. The use of Danny Glover is one of the worst wastes of any actor in any film.

    The least bad thing about 'Ninja Immovable Heart', and the only thing that feels like some degree of effort has been put into it, is the music. Not exactly memorable, but at least it didn't sound cheap or ill-fitting.

    Overall, awful. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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    OMG! Danny....What's happened? how you got carried away by this project ... the worst movie of the year! I wanted to see a ninja movie, but ... where's the ninja? I do not know how they managed, but the film industry shows its reality, leaving in appalling as to what we can expect from it ... even more known and artists involved in large projects doing bad and poor quality movies, will have the script for you read? spend far, far away from this movie. Rob Baard, still need to learn a lot about direction, acting, script, puts us in a swirl of lines and verses that say they do not respect the scenes that you expect to see, the action scenes are the biggest fiasco ... very weak and not convinced even my 6 year old, I was seeing a ninja movie, I confess that I got to cry when I saw the The effects used used in the film ...I never thought to see Danny in a performance like we saw,if you ever go back to producing, writing, directing, think of the time you lost, making us waste our time,even more so after all, effects, flaws in the script, direction, my biggest fear ... is that this is immortal ninja ...
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    NINJA: THE IMMOVABLE HEART is an indie science fiction action flick from Australia. It's mostly of interest for featuring a cameo for poor old Danny Glover, stuck in one of those desk-bound video-link roles for a couple of minutes tops. Mostly this is the usual badly-shot nonsense taking place in the dark, with a bunch of characters running around and badly emoting. The action is poorly shot and mostly takes place at the climax, with some ridiculously weak pole fighting. A certain visual glossiness is the only redeeming value here.